The Best Hipster Bedding Styles

We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep or in bed. So, bedding can be an essential component of your home. Even if you live in a studio apartment, it’s worth considering how much time you spend in your sheets, and that comfortable sleep is a reasonable investment.

Not only is comfort a crucial factor in sleep, but for many hipsters, sleeping on linens that are organic or minimally treated with chemicals can also be a vital factor to consider. There are a lot of bedding options available now that are made from natural fibers and, in some cases, more sustainable threads.

Finally, self-expression is highly-regarded for people of most walks of life, including hipsters. If you have a small space to live in and spend any amount of time there, your surroundings can have a notable impact on your mood.

Hipster Bedding, Sheets, and Bedding Sets

For some people, soothing colors are essential, while others might crave patterns to make them think of sleep, spirituality, or sensual vibes.

Some might want hipster bedding that is clean but looks like it could be vintage from the 1920s instead of 2020. We found some of those, too.

So, with no further ado, here is some of our favorite hipster bedding.

Hipster Patterns

hipster bedspread

If you’re not as concerned with organic sheets and you simply want hipster bedding with a certain aesthetic, there are a lot of options on the market.

Sleepwish also makes a wide variety of duvets and covers such as mandala patterns, chakras, and succulent designs. Generally speaking, bedding that touches on nature, spiritual vibes, or getting your energy aligned as you prepare for sleep is a solid hipster option.

For bedding more on the quirky side, we love this geek giraffe set as well as this cat-with-glasses pattern. Any sheets or comforter set that involves glasses, cats (felines in space or with lasers and tacos, even better), quirky animals such as llamas will work.

Bedding with mustaches is a hipster classic for those who are still into that aesthetic, too.

Even if you can’t afford a whole new set of bedding, you can always get an affordable tapestry throw and use it as a coverlet over your existing comforter. This mandala sheet is budget-friendly and can cover a dated quilt that no longer suits your style.

Mandala Tapestry Bedding

mandala tapestry bedding

Folkulture bohemian bedding is just the perfect, beautiful, international and unique premium handmade Indian mandala wall tapestry artwork made with love by creative craftsman in India.


hipster bedspread

For the lover of all things lumberjack, a plaid quilt is an excellent option. Even better, try out a plaid set of flannel sheets for winter.

Flannel sheets can be far warmer than a thin cotton or sateen set, and the pattern gives us craft-beer-drinking, ax-wielding, thick beard vibes.

Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet

pinzon plaid flannel bed sheet

Recognizably soft to the touch, flannel is a woven, brushed-cotton fabric that gets measured not by thread count, but by the number of ounces it takes to make up a square yard. With a flannel weight of 160 grams per square meter, the sheet set offers both durability and supple softness.

If you love the lumberjack look but don’t want plaid bedding, look for lodge patterns like sheets with moose, bear, or majestic pines in the bedding print.

Microfiber Sheet

4-piece lodge printed ultra-soft microfiber sheet

These affordable microfiber sheets feel silky smooth against your skin. They're made from 90 GSM material that keeps you cool in the summer and toasty warm in winter. This 100% polyester fabric is warm, soft, flexible, and breathable for maximum sleep comfort.


hipster beds

Ironic humor is a hipster way of life, so finding some bedding that makes you laugh or at least smirk is an ideal option. The fantastic thing about humorous or ironic bedding is that it is subjective.

If you find it funny, that’s what matters. The most important thing is that this kind of hipster bedding makes you smile when you walk into your bedroom.

Humorous hipster bedding can come in so many forms, whether it’s this guy or a round burrito tortilla blanket. Sometimes an entertaining bedding set can be as simple as embracing your inner child, like with this LEGO bedding set.

Don’t forget about those cats in the humor category.

Burrito Throw Blanket

burrito throw blanket

This tortilla throw blanket is made of high quality flannel, super soft and comfortable. 71-inch diameter Mexican burritos wrap blanket is about the size of cradle, sofa bed. Ideal for a nap.


hipster bedspreads

If you want vintage vibes in your bedding, but don’t want to buy sheets second-hand, there are plenty of retro patterns available. This folktale sheet set is an updated version of grandma’s house “mood.”

classic floral design is another option for hipster bedding. This floral set of pillowcases is super vintage and also affordable.

For more modern-retro hipsters, look for a comforter or sheet set that harkens back to an era like the 1980s. This geometric design is both modern and yet a bit 80s, as well.

You can also go with this classic Pac-Man bed set for a full-on retro look that will give some hipsters out there nostalgic memories of perhaps happier times.

We love this boho tassel duvet if you need a cover for your comforter.

A floral design with ruffled edges is like a throwback to mid-century patterns. Or look for a textured quilt for a look that could be straight out of the 1940s.


hipster bed

Steampunk aesthetic has also grown in popularity among hipsters, and there are several options for steampunk-inspired sheets or comforters. We like Ambersonne’s bed set, and this gear sheet set from Roostery.

If you can find bedding with gears, clocks, steampunk designs, and other vintage mechanical patterns, this is a decent hipster option for bed linens.

Roostery Sheet

roostery sheet set

100% Italian cotton sateen softens with each wash, 300 thread count. Sheet set includes standard fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow case(s).


hipster bedsheet

Eco-friendly sheets and sustainable fabrics are cornerstones for hipster bedding. Most true hipsters care about being responsible with the environment, and getting into some organic blankets can help you rest easy about the climate—pun intended.

Le Naturel makes an organic cotton sateen set, and Pinzon by Amazon has a decent organic cotton set that comes from non-GMO seeds.

We also love an excellent bamboo sheet set because of the fast-growing and sustainable nature of bamboo.

DTY has sheets that are from organic bamboo. Pure Bamboo also makes a lovely set from organic bamboo viscose with some attractive colors.

Pure Bamboo Sheet

pure bamboo sheets

Pure Bamboo fitted sheets have a fully elasticized border to ensure a snug and reliable fit for any mattress up to 16 inches thick. All Pure Bamboo bedding is made from 300 thread count sateen weave fabric for a softer, smoother and more silky feel than even the highest thread count cotton sheets.

Sustainable sheets can sometimes be challenging to find in fun prints, though. We love this set from California Design Den, which offers floral, paisley, polka dots, and other patterns in their organic sateen cotton weave.

Linen is also considered one of the most sustainable fabrics, and while some sets are a little more pricey, these can be very breathable options. We like this set from Len Linum made of organic flax spun into linen sheets.

Speaking of eco-friendly bedding, if you haven’t checked out wool dryer balls as a fabric softener or plastic dryer ball alternative, you should do so. These are made from sheared wool and help absorb moisture in the dryer, speeding your drying time while also helping to fluff bedding and reduce static.

European Pure Linen Sheet

european made pure linen sheet

An eco-friendly material crafted from organic plant fibers, linen is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This linen is made of 100% Organic European Flax carefully woven and stonewashed for softness.

Mattress Pads

hipster bedspreads

It’s challenging to talk about bedding in all of its capacity without mentioning mattress pads. Mattress pads can help protect your mattress from spills, bodily fluids, and even from a bit of off-gassing if your bed is newer.

For the health-conscious or environmentally aware hipster, an organic cotton mattress pad is the way to go. These can get costly, but some brands like Smith & Oliver run a little more reasonable than others.

If you want to go a step further, you can get a full organic mattress like the non-toxic version from Happsy. Even with a new bed like this one, you won’t have to worry about sleeping with your face right next to potentially toxic off-gassing.

Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress

memory foam & pocket spring mattress

100% natural organic cover and ventilated cooling memory foam - highest rated non toxic foam. This has a comfort plush feel. This is ideal for people with back issues.

Toss Pillows

hipster beds

You can also top off your bed with a surprise. Who says toss pillows are useless.

When you can surprise those getting a house or apartment tour with an unveil of Nicolas Cageor Danny Devito’s face, a toss pillow can be worth its weight in movie tickets.

For hipsters who love a banana leaf print wallpaper, you can coordinate with a toss pillow on your bed, too. Staying with the natural vibe, but adding a little self-deprecating humor, a huggable cactus might be your “spirit animal” of the plant kingdom.

Cactus Pillow Case

cactus pillow case

Extremely durable and safe. Breathable fabric keeps you cool & refreshed. Perfect gift makes a great housewarming present.

One of our favorite toss pillows is one for a hipster who is secure enough in themselves to laugh their own counter-culture. If you appreciate how much “farm to table” is thrown around these days, this pillow might be for you.

Or perhaps you just want to embrace your carbs (literally) and do the opposite of all those non-vegan, keto-loving carnivores with a bread pillow.

We also love a good steampunk toss pillow or something like a periodic table of elements pillow for a geeky look. Even if you have plain bedding, you can add a mood with a small pillow, like this plaid deer silhouette.

Periodic Table Pillow Cover

periodic table throw pillow cover

Made from 100% spun polyester - waterproof, and high quality fabric. It's unique, versatile and fun.

Let’s Put This Topic to Bed

There are a lot of different options you can go with if you are in the market for hipster bedding. Whether you or someone you love could use a new bed set, you can find fantastic options that are organic and sustainable, plaid for the lumberjack in your life or give you all the feels of grandma’s house in a vintage design.

There are as many different types of hipsters out there as there are various types of bedding. Whatever your style is, there is likely a comforter or sheet set for your taste or for the hipster in your life.

If you find a lovely set of organic cotton sheets, you’re on the right track, and if all else fails, it’s hard to go wrong with an avocado set. If you wake up in sheets that coordinate with brunch, life can’t be that bad.

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