Hipster Bedroom Decor Ideas

Say what you will about hipsters and their too-cool-for-school attitude, but there’s one thing you can’t argue. With their keen eye for design and kitschy style, hipsters are great decorators.

If you’re looking to add some much-needed hipster style to your room, you’re in the right place. From furniture to decor and everything in between, we’ll cover some of the best tips for designing the hipster bedroom of your dreams.

What Makes a Bedroom “Hipster”?

The term hipster is a catch-all phrase for everything and nothing at once. An offshoot of British mod culture in the sixties, hipsters are considered to be artistic, creative types who are rarely interested in what the mainstream perceives as cool.

Hipsters tend to have a keen eye for design and maintain an air of seriousness without taking themselves too seriously. For a hipster bedroom, you’ll want to draw on these traits, while also incorporating your personality into the room.

It’s hard to pin down precisely what gives something hipster appeal because the term is so esoteric. But, there are a few design tenets and themes that are common among the most well-decorated hipster bedrooms.

These themes include music, literature, art, and reclaimed or repurposed materials, like aged wood, wrought iron, and weathered metal. Elements of these themes can be seen in any hipster bedroom, and they’re things you’ll want to incorporate into your design if you’re looking to nail the hipster aesthetic.

First Things First: The Bed

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After all, it is a bedroom, right? The first thing you’ll want to do to outfit your hipster retreat is to select your bed.

The mattress industry has been turned on its head by an influx of hip new companies that can ship a new mattress right to your door in just a few days. Most of these companies also make beautiful beds that are perfectly aligned with the hipster aesthetic. Best of all, they’re usually quite affordable, too.

UTTU Mattress Topper Queen

uttu mattress topper queen

UTTU firm mattress topper offers the right support and evenly distributes your body weight, allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position, relax your muscles, reducing morning pain.

When it comes to selecting a new bed, there aren’t many rules you need to concern yourself with. Focus on picking a foundation that will fit well into the design of your bedroom.

Not sure where to start? Any bed that features worn or reclaimed wood will score you serious bonus points. Or, if you prefer a more modern look, go for a bed that has a tufted headboard that’s finished in linen or a piece of a similar fabric in a shade of blue, tan, or grey.

Prepac Select Queen Flat Panel Headboard

prepac select queen  flat panel headboard

With its clean and simple design, the Prepac Flat Panel Headboard adds elegance to your bedroom. This headboard features softened edges and sleek lines for a stylish finish. Predrilled holes allow the headboard to easily connect to metal bedframes.

When it comes to selecting a bed, the one thing you’ll want to avoid is going with a bed frame and a bed skirt. This might be fine for a typical, mainstream bedroom. But, it isn’t going to help you nail down the hipster aesthetic you’re searching for here.

Furnishing the Room

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Furnishing a bedroom is something most people dread. Furniture can be challenging to shop for, and it’s usually expensive. But, if you channel your inner hipster, your furniture search may end up being fun and affordable.

The first thing you’ll need to do is forget about any traditional big box stores or furniture retailers. When a hipster needs a new dresser, a set of end tables, or anything else for that matter, they aren’t going to Macy’s; they’re turning to second-hand stores.

Antique shops, thrift stores, and consignment stores are all perfect places to check out if you’re looking for a fun and unique piece for your bedroom. You can also think outside the box and repurpose old furniture and other items for your bedroom.

VASAGLE Retro Bookcase

vasagle retro bookcase

This bookcase features 2 tall shelving and a storage cabinet to hold your favorite books, games, and decorations; the simple push-to-open doors let you say goodbye to unnecessary door handles and grab your belongings with ease.

Assembling your collection of bedroom furniture is an excellent opportunity to get creative, too. Go shopping with an open mind, and feel free to refinish or customize pieces if they fit your vision for the room.

For example, old milk crates are perfect for storing your records, and they can be stacked together to create a bookshelf. Or, you can repurpose vintage wine boxes for use as end tables. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Vintage Storage Beer Box

vintage storage beer box

This vintage wood crate is ideal for both storing or serving your favorite beer. 12 divided slots are designed to hold standard 12 ounce bottle or can of beer.

When you’re shopping, search for materials like aged or reclaimed wood, raw metal, or anything that shows some character and personality that may be lacking on the furniture you’d find in a big box store.

Antique shops are usually your best source for these worn wood and metal items. If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for right off the bat, leave your number with the shop and tell them to give you a ring if something that fits your style comes in.

Fill the Room With Song

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One thing that no hipster bedroom could ever be complete without is music and plenty of it. Hipsters love to display their love for music, both for practical reasons and as decor items.

One hipster classic that you may want to add to your room is a record player. If you don’t already own one, you should be able to find plenty of affordable options online or in second-hand stores. Of course, you’ll want to pick up some vinyl for good measure.

Crosley Turntable

crosley turntable

Portable audio ready - simply plug in your smartphone or MP3 player. Built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream your music wirelessly to the full-range stereo speakers.

Old records also make great decor pieces, as well. You can find inexpensive album frames, make frames yourself, or create your own custom work of art to display on a wall using old albums.

Don’t be afraid to give the nod to other outdated musical devices from decades past, either. So, if you find yourself an old boombox, tape deck, or 8-track player at your local thrift shop, scoop them up and use them as conversation pieces.

OHHAI Bluetooth Speakers

ohhai bluetooth speakers

The whole body of this retro Bluetooth speaker is beautifully finished and crafted by natural wood, and it is hand made. Classic outlook, not only fit your home, but also perfect to your office.

Beyond a record player, you’ll probably want to add a system for playing your digital music, too. Of course, this all depends on whether or not you listen to music in your bedroom. For most hipsters, it’s a practical requirement, as they’re often devout music lovers.

Now would also be an excellent time to dig up that old acoustic or electric guitar you have lying around. Old instruments make great decor pieces to occupy an empty corner or hang on the wall.

Expand Your Literary Collection

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Besides music, another almost universal hobby among hipsters is reading, and they proudly display large collections of their favorite books and stories in their bedrooms.

If you already have a bookshelf in your room, you’re well on your way. But, if you don’t, consider displaying a few of your favorite books throughout the room, like on a coffee table or nightstand.

Abington Lane Contemporary Square Coffee Table

abington lane contemporary square coffee table

This simple yet sleek rectangle coffee table fits any room and any style. Perfect for any occasion with strong metal frames and an MDF top.

If you aren’t much of a reader, you can always fake it ‘til you make it. You’ll find no shortage of dirt-cheap books in most secondhand stores that you can use to decorate your hip new bedroom.

Decorating a Space Fit For a Hipster

hipster bedrooms

Now that you’ve figured out most of your furnishings, it’s time to add some hip decor that shows your personality and hipster appeal. We think this is the most fun part of the process, and it’s a great way to let your personality shine through.

There aren’t any hard rules you need to follow regarding decor; do what feels natural to you! Some hipsters prefer a minimalistic approach with very little decoration, while others prefer to clutter the room with decorations that show their unique personality.

One thing is for sure; you’ll want a fun and interesting conversation piece in the room to highlight that quirky personality of yours. A vintage typewriter, a period light fixture with an Edison bulb, or an old record player all make great ideas for hipster pieces you can incorporate into the bedroom.

Edison Vintage Bulb

edison vintage bulb

These trendy light bulbs are carefully crafted and topped with a tear drop design. The beautiful squirrel cage filament creates that vintage old time look. These old fashioned light bulbs will surely be a topic of discussion in your next house party.

There’s more to decorating than filling the space in the room, though. You’ll need to fill the bare space on your walls, too. This is another excellent opportunity to have fun and get creative.

Create a photo collage, display your favorite album artwork, or hang art you’ve collected over the years; it’s all up to you. If you don’t have much to hang on the walls, you can find plenty of awesome vintage artwork at secondhand and thrift stores.

Collage Picture Frame

collage picture frame in black

Wood frame with lead free tempered shatter-resistant glass that gives a clear view of your photos. Comes with hanging hardware for hassle-free display in both horizontal and vertical formats to hang flat against the wall.

Making your own wall art is another hobby that many hipsters engage in, and it’s another excellent way to show your personality in the space. Embroidered wall art is a staple in every hipster bedroom, and you’ll find tons of inspiration for creative designs on Etsy.

For an extra pinch of hipster style, incorporate some accent lighting into your wall decor in the form of fairie lights or LED light strips. You’ll find no shortage of inspiring wall designs that incorporate these lights on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr.


Creating the perfect hipster enclave may seem like a daunting task, but it can also be tons of fun.

The key to creating the perfect hipster bedroom is to incorporate plenty of your own personality, along with some eye-catching vintage elements like record players or antique light fixtures.

Be sure to think outside the box, incorporate plenty of music and literature, and add furnishings in funky materials like aged wood and raw metal, as well. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect hipster bedroom.

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