32 Gifts for Gardeners: Newly Planted Ideas For Your Loved Ones

If you have a family member trying their hand at gardening for the first time or a friend that’s great at gardening, these considerate gardener gifts are sure to touch their hearts! You won’t find only gardening tools on our list and unique and interesting gifts for gardeners such as candles, wine glasses, and even bird feeders! 

These gifts are some of the best and most thoughtful presents you can get for a gardener on the internet. The best part is, these gardening gifts are perfect for every occasion, including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. 

Portable Gardener’s Tool Seat

This handy gardener’s seat has pockets for keeping your gardening tools and provides a comfortable place to sit while you’re working in the garden.


Aromatic Cocktail Growing Kit

Aromatics play a big role in many cocktails. This kit contains six seed packets: lavender, thyme, mint, Thai basil, blue borage, and lemon balm. You can plant your seedlings in the recycled egg carton, then transplant them to a pot once they’re large enough.


Miniature Terrarium Candles

These little terrarium candles are popular for a lot of reasons! Their wonderful smell and adorable designs are some reasons these candles are so popular. 


Eco-Friendly Watering Stakes

You can reuse empty wine bottles alongside these watering stakes to keep your plants watered. These watering stakes are perfect for a friend or family member that enjoys using eco-friendly gardening tools. 


Smart Garden Mini Indoor Herb Garden

This miniature indoor herb garden is a great gift for any gardener in your life. Its pre-seeded pods and energy-saving LED lights make it a thoughtful and easy-to-use herb garden. Simply add water to the reservoir and watch the herbs grow!

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Gardening Apron with Deep Pockets

Any devoted gardener will love this apron, which has deep pockets to hold all the tools they’ll need to take care of their prized plants.


Customized Garden Trowels

Even the most experienced gardeners are unlikely to have had their equipment personalized. An engraved phrase or name on the handle of their new garden trowel would put a smile on the face of a loved one.

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Non-Fading Acrylic Plant Markers

Remembering what you planted in a particular spot will be much easier with these acrylic garden markers. They’re durable, and they don’t fade, which means they’ll last longer than the average plastic marker. 

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Hand-Painted House Plant Pots

These beautiful and unique hand-painted pots are the perfect gift for any loved one with houseplants or who wants to buy some houseplants. 

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Hand-Blown Bird-Shaped Watering Globes

These cute hand-blown glass watering globes are a great way to keep plants watered while your family member or friend isn’t at home. 

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Honeycomb House Plant Trellis

Why use a plain trellis when you can combine it with art? This wooden honeycomb is handcrafted and comes in various sizes, making it ideal for smaller plants and those that need space to grow.

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Wood-Grain Wine Tumbler

This well-designed wine tumbler will keep wine cool while your loved one completes their tasks or relaxes in their garden. 

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Birth Month Flower Growing Kit

This flower growing kit will delight your gardening-inclined loved one, especially if they love flowers. The kit includes all they need to grow their birth month flower. 


Secrets du Potager Paper Pot Maker

Instead of buying starter pots made of plastic, you can just make an eco-friendly one! This paper pot maker is a reusable gift that your recipient can enjoy using year after year to cut down on wastage. 

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Labrador Resin-Dog Planter

A puppy planter is an ideal container for your loved one’s succulents. If you ask, the seller will even wrap the item for free.

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Green Flex Tub

Many gardening experts recommend this plastic tub because it’s large enough to hold produce, and it’s also quite durable. It’s a great gift for your loved one that harvests many produce or uproots many weeds from their garden. 

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Honeycomb Decomposition Book

Everyone has had a writing book, but this particular decomposition book is made from recycled paper, making it a great gift for anyone who enjoys using eco-friendly stationery and being outdoors.

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Brass Plant and Terrarium Mister

This cute little mister is the perfect gardening tool for watering terrariums, bonsai trees, orchids, and moss. It comes in nickel, brass, and copper finishes. 

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Seed-Bearing Lollipops

Lavender, strawberry, lemon, and basil are some unique flavors that are combined to make these healthy lollipops. The sticks of these lollipops contain seeds which include basil, thyme, and marigold out of the eight seed options.


Fern + Moss Minimalist Jar Soy Candle

With this vegan soy candle from Brooklyn, your outdoors-loving loved one can have the fragrance of the great outdoors in their home. The scent consists of sage, pine, spruce, and lavender. 

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Bees Knees Spicy Honey

This chili-infused honey —which is made in New York— is the best gift for a friend or family member that enjoys eating in their home garden. It goes great with savory dishes like pizza. 


Secret Garden Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. This coloring book introduces your loved one to a magical secret garden where they can spend hours painting beautiful flowers and looking for secret items in the illustrations.

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Glass Mason Jar Bird Feeder 

This bird feeder made from an old mason jar is easy to use, and it allows your loved one to enjoy their morning routine in the garden with local birds attracted by the bird feeder. It’s an extra advantage if your loved one is a bird enthusiast. 

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Keter Urban Bloomer Raised Garden

This raised planting bed will make a great present for a budding gardener who can’t wait to have their outdoor spot. It’s self-watering and can be used indoors —or outside if they have a terrace or balcony— so their garden can thrive even if they forget to water it for a while.

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“From the Garden of” Wooden Gardening Stamp

 This wooden gardening stamp can be customized for use on paper bag tags and container labels, making it a perfect gift for adults and children alike. You’ll be able to know who grew the plants you’re being given by your loved one!

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Telescopic Folding Garden Rake

If you’re looking for gift ideas, check out this garden rake that many seasoned gardeners swear by. The rake is made of a light aluminum alloy with a head that adjusts from 7½ to 21¾ inches. The adjustable head makes it easier to fit between plant rows.

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Gardener’s Harvest Basket

This beautiful wood and wire basket makes bringing your produce back to the house from your garden much easier. The bottom is made of mesh, which makes rinsing your fruits and vegetables a breeze.


Field Notes Left-Handed Ruled Notebooks

This collection of pocket-sized, ruled notebooks for left-handed gardeners will make keeping track of their plants’ growth and watering schedule much easier for them. 

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Cooling Water Evaporative Bucket Hat

This functional bucket hat is a thoughtful gift to give to any gardener. Although it is recommended for long hikes, any gardener knows that taking care of a garden all day long can be just as tiring. 

The water-activated cooling crystals in the quick-drying bucket hat control the wearer’s temperature.

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Mid-Century Plant Stand

This plant stand is beautiful and functional because it is sold with a pot. It also costs less than other pot-included plant stands while being just as durable and aesthetically pleasing. 


Leaf & Linen Low-Light Indoor Houseplant

A ZZ plant is one of the best indoor plants available, making it a suitable gift for indoor gardeners that have minimal natural light in their homes. 

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Fiskars Ergo Garden Tool Set

This collection includes three important tools for any budding gardener who wants to move from indoor gardening to outdoor gardening. 

Everything you could ever want is included, like a garden trowel to dig shallow holes, a three-tine cultivator to loosen up hard soil, and a calibrated transplanting trowel to dig holes to measured depths, which is important while cultivating bulbs.

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