The Hipster Lumberjack Look How-To

Who doesn’t love a lumberjack? From the mythological stories of Paul Bunyan to the Canadian lumberjack force to Monty Python’s classic sketch, and Dexter’s final appearance, lumberjacks have always been, and will always be in style.

How to Nail the Hipster Lumberjack Look

Lumberjacks play heavily into the hipster look, but you can’t just throw on any flannel and call it a day. It’s a commitment to a LOOK, a series of choices that set you apart from just a typical lumberjack.

Here’s how you can nail the lumberjack look from head to toe.

The History of the Lumberjack Hipster Look

Lumberjack looks gained steam during the market crash of 2008. During this time period, jobs became less secure, people couldn’t afford luxuries, and the dream of the classic American job and family finally died.

Enter the new dream.

As fashion houses took note of shifting opinions, a new emphasis on workwear and the working-class aesthetic took hold. Working men and women hold a bit of mythology in United States culture, having a reputation for no BS, honest work, and simple pleasures.

The lumberjack look is a throwback to what many hipsters believe was a golden time in the United States. The ability to strike out on your own and live off the land is a powerful dream.

Working an honest job and going to bed good and tired from that work is another aesthetic that’s really popular among hipsters who feel trapped by the rat race.

The lumberjack look is an homage to freedom and sticking it to the man. Despite the real history of lumberjacks, it’s timeless mythology.

Hipsters are getting the look without having to step foot in a forest or pick up a real ax.

A lumberjack look is a great way to get a bit of style into your day to day wear with a non-fussy design. Most of these looks are easy to care for and have lots of ways to customize for your unique personality as a hipster.

Whether you choose the cheap vintage jeans from Goodwill or go full Japanese selvedge, it will be a look all your own.

Lumberjack Transformation - Step by Step

You don’t have to be an actual lumberjack to get the look and but you do have to have a confident swagger to pull it off. Here are all the elements that go into creating your perfect lumberjack look and where to get what you need to get there.

Lumberjack Clothing - Go Beyond Red Flannel

In a classic lumberjack motif, there are three elements – the shirt, the hat, and the boots. You can play around a lot with these three things to create one unified look that continues throughout the week.

The first piece of the puzzle is the hat. Lumberjacks need to keep their heads warm, so a classic beanie in a neutral color like black or gray is a slam dunk.

You can keep it casual with a helix style that sits right above your ears like this fisherman’s beanie, or keep warm with a slouch style that covers your hair and ears.

The most distinctive part of this equation is the flannel shirt. A classic red pattern brings lumberjack to mind, but in reality, there are a lot of colors that still get the look.

Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel Casual Shirts

long sleeve plaid flannel casual shirts

Two styles of pocket design - one left pocket and both side pockets available. The two pockets styles are produced with 10oz thick flannel fabric.

A green flannel shirt is still nature-oriented, such as this classic green, or a brighter yellow can also nail the look.

When you’re choosing your flannel, the most important thing is the pattern. Go for a simple black plaid style so that you don’t lose the lumberjack feel.

It’s also possible to go for a solid color instead of the print, but we’d stick to the basic red if you decide on that path. Pair it with a classic white undershirt for the best results.

The boots are the final big piece. They must be lace-up work boots with brown or black leather and a substantial footprint.

These industrial boots from the iconic working-class brand, Carhartt, fit the bill. For an all-black option, these hiking boots from Scarpa capture the look while ensuring that your feet are protected in the outdoors.

Scarpa Men's SL Active

scarpa men's sl active

Micro-pulley hardware for easy lacing. Full rubber rand. Comfortable padded collar. Cocona fabric lining wicks away moisture and helps manage odor. Activfit insole supplies light underfoot cushioning.

A good type of pants is selvage. This is primarily because selvage jeans are an artisanal style of jeans known for deep coloring and unique breaking in marks.

This classic Levi pair is a great, affordable option, or you could go for Studio D’Artisan’s Japanese sourced deep blue selvedge to complete your look.

Lumberjack Face and Hair - Don’t Forget the Details

Lumberjacks may not have had much to do with grooming, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. You’ll need to consider both your hair and your facial hair for the best attempt at the look.

A full, glorious beard is the classic way to style your lumberjack look. When you have a full beard, it’s essential to keep it trimmed and groomed for the best results.

Get a good pair of beard scissors to help take care of stray hairs and shape the beard for the best results. You might also want a beard comb to keep things in place and a little bit of wax for stubborn areas.

LJYH Beard Comb

ljyh beard comb

This red sandalwood dual-purpose tooth design, with standard teeth on one side, can be used to comb the hair on the one hand, and the scorpion on the other side can be used to comb the dandruff, dust and debris in the hair.

If you have trouble growing a beard, you might consider a good supplement. These encourage hair growth, so your beard is nice and thick.

Conditioners and oils prevent breakage and help soothe the skin.

A beard isn’t a given, however. You might try a range of hipster facial hair looks to get the lumberjack look unique to you.

You’ll need a really good razor to ensure clean lines and a conditioning shaving cream can keep things smooth.

Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

chieftain double edge safety razor

This is THE original Chieftain: a time-tested and proven perfect all-rounder razor with medium aggression. It is 200% more Eco-Friendly than other mass-produced lookalikes.

For hair, the best hipster look is a clean line with a pompadour or a fade with a carefully coiffed look.

You can use your comb to get the look or a good hair product to ensure that everything stays in place. The biggest thing you can do for your hair is condition properly, as well.

Lumberjack Accessories - Tie It All Together

You aren’t done just yet. You need a few accessories to ensure that you pull your look together.

A typical lumberjack doesn’t use accessories, but that shouldn’t stop you from making this look unique.

A pair of leather cuff bands could be a fun way to accessorize rolled-up sleeves. This rugged bracelet option is affordable and will wear with unique marks as you continue to wear it.

Other accessories could include a really well-made leather belt to help pull your outfit together.

Leather Cuff Bracelet

leather cuff bracelet

This bracelet is soft and comfortable to wear. Other similar looking bracelets are stiff and can be painful to wear! These bracelets always get compliments.

This one from Main Street Forge is a classic design and ensures that it won’t stand out unnecessarily. It’s a reliable accessory.

Big Jake leather gloves can help if you have actual duties outdoors, and you want to protect your hands. If you’ve made a move to building your dream cabin in the woods, these can be a good asset.

If not, stick them in your back pocket just in case, and they’ll complete your look.

If you’ve got work boots, a pair of distinctive yellow laces ensure that you’ve got the lumberjack vibe down. Delele makes a pair of vintage-looking hiking laces that ensures your boots stay secure and have that pop of color so ubiquitous in lumberjack styling.

Boot Shoelaces

boot shoelaces

Durable construction allows the shoelaces to hold up well to wear and tear. Perfect for boots with many different lengths to fit for your shoes or boots perfectly.

You might also consider an actual ax for some purposes. This option is easy to carry and has the traditional look of a lumberjack ax.

If you don’t need a real ax but want a funny nod to the look, something more like this could be a solid choice. You’ll be prepared just like a real lumberjack without getting crazy looks when you walk into your favorite coffee shop.

The Lumberjack Look for Women

Women can definitely get in on the action with a classic red flannel shirt and dark wash jeans. The same work boot rules apply here as well.

High Rise Skinny Jeans

high rise skinny jeans

This 721 High Rise Skinny is a modern pin-up style with a high waist jean fit. This is a staple in your skinny jean collection, the one you’ll wear over and over. These women's high rise skinny jeans hugs your waist and the skinny leg elongates your silhouette, showing you off in all the right ways. 

Get a classic leather high top with yellow hiking laces, and you’ve got a look that works great.

For women, the slouch beanie helps complete the design and allows you to style both long and short hair under the cap. Neutral colors work best here, and a relaxed knit ensures the look stays casual.

The same accessories also apply. Leather belts and ax accessories can help give you a nod to the look without going overboard.

However, if you need to work out some aggression or you’ve got a job to do, a great ax is always a plus.

The Timeless Style of Lumberjacks

The modern version of the lumberjack has an honest feeling to it. The clothing is comfortable and easy to care for.

It’s suitable for a wide range of budgets. And there are enough ways to customize it so that your lumberjack look is uniquely your own.

The elements aren’t challenging to find, and you may even have many of them in your closet now. Be sure you put the right pieces together and fully embrace the honest work ethic and nature-inspired dream of the lumberjack, whether you’re in your favorite nature spot or the middle of the city.

The lumberjack is with you.

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