14 Vintage Bar Stools: A Seat That’s Fit For A Hipster

Do you know what one of the most underrated elements is of any kitchen, counter, or bar? A good stool. You may think that what is on the counter is most important, but the stool actually sets the tone for both your aesthetic and the experience of your guests. While an uncomfortable stool can ruin anyone's day, a boring stool can have the same effect on your otherwise perfect interior decoration - what you need is a balance between comfort and style (which can be hard to find in a bar stool).

For the discerning hipster who is interested in recreating the plush aesthetic of a 20’s speakeasy, a rich velvet bar stool will pair perfectly with a metallic bar or marble countertop. The more bohemian types will love a rattan or washed wood stool that will complement their outdoor bar or table.

But before you can get into the nitty-gritty of your desired aesthetic, make sure you measure the height of your counter to ensure that the stool will fit underneath with room for you to comfortably sit between. Also, take into consideration things like backrests and swivels - will you be spending hours sitting on the stool and likely need back support, or will you just pass-through for a quick drink so the practicality can take a backseat to the design?

We know how to appreciate the perfect balance between a stool that is comfortable but still looks good and, because we are hipsters before anything else, has a unique retro appeal. Without further ado: here are our favorite vintage bar stools!

A touch of  meets your classic bistro stool with the Spenser stool from Anthropologie. The gleaming sheen is available in either a rose copper or more yellowed brass gold, allowing you to choose whether you’d like to take a more romantic or industrialized approach to your kitchen decor. The stools themselves are made with iron and coated in a polished metallic finish - making them suited for indoor use only.


Anthropologie Spenser Stool


Mackinder Counter Stool


Wicker + Teak Bar Stool


Anthropologie Spenser Stool

Anthropologie Spenser Stool

anthropologie spenser stool

This classic bistro stool has metallic glamour touch available in multiple colors.

A touch of metallic glamour meets your classic bistro stool with the Spenser stool from Anthropologie. The gleaming sheen is available in either a rose copper or more yellowed brass gold, allowing you to choose whether you’d like to take a more romantic or industrialized approach to your kitchen decor. The stools themselves are made with iron and coated in a polished metallic finish - making them suited for indoor use only.

Mackinder Counter Stool

Mackinder Counter Stool

mackinder counter stool

The secret to this piece's versatility is in the details.

These Mackinder stools from Anthropologie are a stark contrast to the bold glamour of the last stool with a more rustic and simple aesthetic. The yoked back with a slightly scooped seat makes this stool a comfortable choice as well as a stylish one - and a comfortable stool is the key to a good kitchen. This particular wooden design is available in two different painted hues: a dark navy or crisp white.

Wicker + Teak Bar Stool 

Wicker + Teak Bar Stool

wicker + teak bar stool

Pairing lightweight, 100%-recyclable synthetic rattan with preserved teak legs.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect stool to complete your outdoor beach or pool bar, then this one's for you. With a lightweight synthetic rattan body in a beautiful neutral tone, this stool is specifically made to endure outdoor conditions and stay in peak condition for you to sip your margarita on. The legs of this stool are made from preserved teak which is also weather resistant.

Kody Upholstered Stool 

Kody Upholstered Bar & Counter Stool

kody upholstered bar & counter stool

A velvet and metallic combination for a sleek, modern look.

Sleek, modern, simple - when you picture the bar stool of a chic uptown restaurant they would look something like these Kody stools. They have the classic low-back silhouette that provides just enough support to keep you comfortable and a stunning velvet upholstery with visible stitching. What we love about these stools is that they come in a variety of colors like blush pink, emerald green, and sapphire blue, so you can tailor your purchase to suit your decor aesthetic.

Knowle Solid Wood Bar Stool

Knowle Solid Wood Bar & Counter Stool

knowle solid wood bar & counter stool

This barstool draws on Scandinavian silhouettes and iconic wrapped seats for an airy look that opens up a kitchen island or bar counter. 

The Knowle bar stool wonderfully combines sleek contemporary lines with the bohemian charm of rattan wrapping. The frame of the stool is made from solid teak wood in a light wash and features a seat made from cords of woven white rattan that are knotted together in a basket lattice, providing a comfortable yet supportive space for you to sit. This versatile stool could easily blend into either a modern or retro home.

Jersey Upholstered Bar Stool 

Jersey Upholstered Bar Stool

jersey upholstered bar stool

Bring some serious style to your counter or kitchen island with these wow-worthy bar stools. 

This set of two stools is one of the bolder choices on this list, bringing some artistic vibes to your boring old bar stool. Each stool starts with four metallic legs and is topped with a beautiful feature of woven upholstery in a variety of colors such as green, off-white, champagne, and rose. The upholstery pieces are woven in and around the metal base to create a contrasting look of vintage and modern aesthetics coming together. The gray set is one of our personal favorites as it features sleek faux-leather upholstery.

Flint Rattan Seat Backless Bar Stool

Flint Rattan Seat Backless Bar Stool

flint rattan seat backless bar stool

Add welcoming texture to your home with the Flint Rattan Backless Stool. 

The Flint stool is a top choice for the kind of hipster that likes to keep things rustic with a touch of vintage charm. This backless bar stool would work well in any farmhouse, bohemian type of home, or even a coastal beach house thanks to the light-washed wooden tone and round seat with a woven rattan pattern that adds a touch of texture. The stool itself has sturdy construction with various wooden reinforcements.

Linon Rae Walnut Backless Bar Stool

Linon Rae Walnut Backless Bar Stool

linon rae walnut backless bar stool

The woven natural fibers and walnut brown finish gives this item a rustic look.

This rattan stool is very similar to the Flint one mentioned previously, as they have the same simple backless construction and woven rattan seat, but this particular stool has a more genuine vintage feel thanks to the natural walnut brown finish. The aesthetic of the Linon Rae stool leans further away from coastal beach houses into a more refined Colonial feel that would pair well with lush plants and decorative artifacts.

Adeline Counter Height Bar Stool

Adeline Counter Height Bar Stool

adeline counter height bar stool

While you sip your drink, sink in to the padded cushion of the pine green seating – this bar stool's perfect for nights in.

Purveyors of the finer things in life will love the Adeline stool. If you’re looking to exude the glamour of an art deco space, Adeline’s slim brass legs and padded velvet cushion make it a perfect choice. The pine green cushioned seat also has a curved, high-back which makes it endlessly more comfortable than a stiff stool that would leave your backside numb before you’ve even finished one drink.

Union Rustic Axelle Counter Stool 

Union Rustic Axelle Solid Wood Bar and Counter Stool

union rustic axelle solid wood bar and counter stool

The perfect style for a comfortable more modern look.

Inspired by the sleek and minimalist designs of Scandinavian interiors, this solid wood stool is as simple as it gets - but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. The stool is a fusion of solid wood and rustic iron, available in three colorways that range from dark to light to suit your style. One of the greatest features of this stool is that, although the seat has that hard and structured wooden look, it has a curved shape to make it more comfortable for sitting.

Orren Ellis Hartung Swivel Bar Stool 

Orren Ellis Hartung Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

orren ellis hartung swivel adjustable height bar stool

Attractive and classic casual design for your kitchen.

Like something straight out of an episode of Mad Men, this Orren Ellis Hartung stool has all the features of a mid-century classic. The low-backed seat features a contemporary circular armrest that complements the sleek leather-esque upholstery. Our personal favorite is the deep green and brown design - it's just the right amount of retro for our hipster tastes.

Felipe Counter & Bar Stool

Felipe Counter & Bar Stool

felipe counter & bar stool

A simple design that will go great with a boho kitchen vibe.

The Sand & Stable Felipe stool teeters on the line between bar stool and chair thanks to the full-backed shape of the seat that provides some back support. The seat itself is made with a wicker rattan material in earthy tones, while the frame is made of solid wood and painted black. A sturdy and versatile choice for any home, you couldn’t go wrong with a stool like this.

Woven Leather Stool

Woven Stool

woven leather stool

Texture and detail make this stool a standout, with a simple wooden frame topped with a woven leather seat. 

A strong leather feature can either take a hyper-modern or rustic angle and in the case of these woven leather stools from Urban Outfitters, they lean more towards the latter. The soft brown leather seat is made out of strips of genuine leather that have been crisscrossed together in a basket weave, sitting atop a slightly concave wooden base. The neutral wooden and leather tones keep this piece simple but the woven seat adds a hint of texture.

Dakota Adjustable Stool 

Dakota Adjustable Stool

dakota adjustable stool

 Adjustable height so it's perfect for any desk, dining table, bar or work station.

What’s better than one swivel stool? Two! Having a stool that swivels is alone enough reason to buy these from Urban Outfitters, but they are also really cool. The simple design features a metal base - which you can choose in either black or white - and a bamboo seat that come together to create a minimalist, industrial look. The Dakota stools are also adjustable in height so you can make them suit whatever table or counter you have.

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