11 Vintage Straight Razors That Will Help With Your Classic Look

There is something undeniably manly and old-fashioned about shaving with a straight razor. Images of iconic characters like James Bond or Clint Eastwood instantly come to mind when we think about an eerily close shave from one of these single steel blades. Yes, we admit, there is also something undeniably terrifying about having such a sharp blade so close to your throat (or maybe we’ve just watched Sweeney Todd one too many times), but we can’t deny the facts: straight razors are just cooler than boring safety razors.

Not only will you look a million times more hipster if you use a straight razor, but you’ll also come out with a better shave.


Naked Armor Black Straight Razor


Zertone Straight Edge Razor


Facón Professional Premium Straight Edge Shavette


What are the benefits of using a straight razor?

  • A straight razor gives you direct control over your blade. You can angle the blade to exactly where you want to shave - which is great for shaping beards.
  • There is less risk of inflammation or ingrown hairs as a straight razor only needs to go over your skin once, so it causes less irritation.
  • A straight razor can last a lifetime. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it is more environmentally friendly than cheap disposable razors.

But wait - what does it mean when you get razors that say ‘shavette’ instead of ‘straight razor’?

Straight razor vs. shavette: what’s the difference?

Straight razors and shavettes are strikingly similar - they are essentially the same but with slightly different mechanisms. While the classic straight razor has a fixed blade that you have to maintain, the shavette has a mechanism that holds disposable blades. The blades on a straight razor are extremely high quality and longer-lasting, but you will need to regularly sharpen them. With the shavette you have to replace the disposable blades after around 5 shaves.

It all comes down to personal preference so you’ll need to figure out what suits you - and Hipstery is here to help!

Naked Armor Black Straight Razor

Naked Armor Black Straight Razor

naked armor black straight razor

Features a durable biblical algum wood handle + accented with 115-grain two-sided gold copper heads to give you the perfect equilibrium.

Nothing will feel quite as good as a close shave from a genuine Japanese steel blade that has been honed to perfection. The Naked Armor straight edge Soloman razor has a 15.7cm blade and features a biblical algum wood handle with two golden copper heads for a luxurious feel.

This particular blade is fairly wide, which makes it a great choice for beginners as it is easier to get the right angle.

Zertone Straight Edge Razor

Zertone Straight Edge Razor

zertone straight edge razor

This zertone straight edge razor uses a double edge blade that is easy to operate.

The Zertone Straight Edge shavette is classically vintage thanks to the polished mahogany wood handle and stainless steel double-edge blades. The blade sits between positioning pins on the inner side of the cover that keeps it in position and makes it easier to operate.

This manual razor comes with 5 stainless steel double edge blades which you can replace after a few uses for the closest shave.

Facón Professional Straight Edge Shavette

Facón Professional Premium Straight Edge Shavette


Stainless steel razor with black powder coating.

Contemporary design meets a classic concept with this signature razor from Facón. The sleek stainless steel razor with a perfectly weighted ergonomic design is coated with matte black powder and features yellow gold accents.

With the swing lock blade insert the disposable blade razor is easily replaceable and designed for a smooth shaving experience.

Utopia Care Shavette

Utopia Care Shavette

utopia care shavette

Provides a reliable smooth and silken shave every time.

A classically styled straight-edge shavette, the Utopia is made of Japanese stainless steel and is finished with a matte black powder coating and subtle gold accents. The quality finish will get you that smooth and silky shave every time, and the comfortable grip makes this razor a great option for beginners.

This razor comes with 100 individually wrapped Derby blades which will last you for a long time.

Facón Professional Wooden Shavette

Facón Professional Wooden Straight Edge Shavette


Professional grade salon quality, guaranteed to never rust or tarnish with use.

Do not be intimidated by the name of this razor - ‘The Warrior’ will do no harm as long as you know your way around a blade! This edgy shavette is made with stainless steel and features a powder black coating paired with a wood-replica style handle.

Like other shavettes, this razor has a swing lock blade insert for your disposable blades.

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

equinox professional straight edge razor

Designed with comfort and stability in mind.

Classic is best - you don’t need anything fancy to get the job done with this timeless straight-edge razor. The Equinox shavette is made with the highest quality stainless steel and is built with an easy-to-open blade guard so you can safely and effortlessly change your blades.

The sleek steel blade has a no-fuss appeal, and it also comes with 100 Derby blades.

Facón Professional Vintage Shavette

Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge Shavette


100% rust-resistant stainless steel, extra coated for durability and meticulously designed for a crisp clean smooth shave.

This black straight razor is aptly named ‘The Hipster’ and we couldn’t agree more. Featuring a rustic rosewood handle with a bearded hipster motif, this shavette brings professional-grade salon-quality to your home.

Like other shavettes, it has a swing-lock blade insert for your disposable blades (and it comes with 100 blades to start you off!).

Matte Black Straight Edge Razor

Matte Black Straight Edge Razor

matte black straight edge razor

For precise and detailed work and designed to provide the professional barber with a new level of precision, functionality and control.

The Meister straight razor is perfect for a precise and detailed shave. The body of this shavette is made from solid stainless steel and has a comfortable grip that will make it easier to get the right angle.

Just slip your new disposable blades (this particular set includes 10 blades) into the swing-lock blade insert and you’re ready to go.

Gravity Straight Razor

Gravity Straight Razor

gravity straight razor

This shaving razors for men are lightweight and perfectly balanced in your hand for complete control of a shave. 

Who said that pink isn’t manly? As for hipsters, we know that the coolest things are often the most unexpected - and what could be more unexpected than a bright pink straight razor. This lightweight and easy-to-use straight edge shavette has a stainless steel insert which you can load with the disposable Derby blades.

This razor includes a pack of 10 disposable Derby blades which can be used for 30 plus shaves.

Whetstone Sweeney Todd Straight Razor

Whetstone Sweeney Todd Replica Straight Razor


The blade is sharp and designed to stay that way with little maintenance. 

Nothing says a straight razor than murderous barber Sweeney Todd! This replica straight razor can be used for shaving or even as a prop in a costume, but be careful because they kept it as sharp as Sweeney himself would’ve liked it.

The acid-etched handle on this features intricate detail, exactly like the razors found in a 19th-century barbershop.

Black Widow Razor

Black Widow Razor

black widow razor

The Black Widow straight safety razor is well-constructed with stainless steel, which is stiffer and better for thick beard or hair. 

Made from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel, the Black Widow razor is tough enough for frequent shaving. If you’re looking for a more luxurious addition to your routine the Black Widow is a great choice: this shavette is coated in matte black powder paint and has 24k gold-plated accents.

When you’re finished with the blade just slot another one into the beginner-friendly swing lock!

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