11 Vintage Toilet Paper Holders to Style Up Your Bathroom

Most of us spend more time in our bathrooms than we'll ever fess up, so might as well have something pretty to look at while doing your business.

Sure, the style choices for bathroom accessories were limited once upon a time, but nowadays you can find them in a wide variety of themes to match your home decor.

If you're interested in the vintage scene, you're in for a treat today since we're looking at 11 vintage toilet paper holders.

These toilet paper holders range from wall mounted metal units all the way to freestanding granite ones, so buckle up and let's get started.


Antique Enamel Toilet Paper Holder


Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper Holder


Railroad Spike Toilet Paper Holder


Aged Metal - Antique Enamel Toilet Paper Holder

Antique Enamel Toilet Paper Holder

antique enamel toilet paper holder

Add some vintage-style decor to your bathroom sink with this enamel toilet paper holder. White enamel finish with touches of artificial patina give it an antique look and feel.

A guaranteed way to make sure that your toilet paper holder looks vintage is having it look aged. For example, you can get a metal toilet paper holder with enamel finish and touches of artificial patina.

Not only will this give your toilet paper holder a rustic look as if due to wear, but it'll also feel like you got an antique piece. In this case, light-colored enamel would be the best choice to contrast the patina.

In the market for a vintage enamel toilet paper hanger? Check out this one with white enamel finish and patina accents.

French Theme - Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper Holder

Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper Holder

fleur de lis toilet paper holder

Decorative toilet paper roll holder for your home, cabin or cottage. This toilet tissue holder will look in any vintage themed or rustic home design as well as in a beach house, cottage or a cabin.

Inspired by the historic French symbol, the Fleur De Lis pattern is always a safe option to fall back on when in doubt about vintage decorations. This pattern can effortlessly add an authentic rustic look to any room, and your bathroom is no exception.

A Fleur De Lis toilet paper holder is a great way to complement vintage style bathroom accessories, even more so if it features a weathered finish.

Looking for a unique french themed bathroom accent decor? Here's a cast iron wall mounted Fleur De Lis toilet paper holder.

Retro Train - Railroad Spike Toilet Paper Holder

Railroad Spike Toilet Paper Holder

railroad spike toilet paper holder

This 6.5 inch railroad spike cast iron toilet paper holder is simple to put together, the one piece is easy to install. Made with excellent craftsmanship this toilet roll holder is rust dust free use it in your bathroom for years.

A vintage look doesn't require a lot of details, sometimes the construction of the unit itself is enough to achieve that retro feel. This is evident in designs inspired by real components of old school items.

For example, a railroad spike design is simple yet effective since it adds a rustic-chic vibe that works beautifully for bathrooms with a vintage industrial theme.

Want to jump on the retro train? Check out this cast iron railroad spike toilet paper holder with a worn-out finish.

Back to Nature - Wood and Seagrass Toilet Paper Holder

Wood And Seagrass Toilet Paper Holder

wood and seagrass toilet paper holder

Add a rustic touch to your bath's decor with this unique Seagrass toilet paper and newspaper holder. Woven from seagrass, this holder offers a sturdy exterior to store magazines or books.

Drawing inspiration from nature and using elements found in it is another way you can get a vintage style in your bathroom. Toilet paper holders made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and seagrass can add a rustic look with a touch of familiarity that many people enjoy.

An elegant yet practical design you may want to consider is a wooden rod connected to a woven basket. In this case, the rod will hold your toilet paper and the basket will give you some storage space for magazines or newspapers.

Ready to make use of a holder/basket combo? Take a look at this freestanding wood toilet paper holder with a seagrass basket.

Bare Pipes - Pipe Design Toilet Paper Holder

Pipe Design Toilet Paper Holder

pipe design toilet paper holder

Couple function with sleek style using this industrial pipe-design toilet paper holder. This holder adds a dash of sophistication to your bathroom while holding your bath tissue within reach in a designated space. This metal toilet paper holder includes the mounting hardware needed for installation, eliminating the need for added purchases.

Using bare pipes in designing home accessories is a characteristic of vintage industrial themed decor. These designs are typically straightforward since there are no extra details or complicated features.

The simplicity of pipe designs really shines through in the department of bathroom accessories, which is fantastic news for those who prefer clean lines and sleek finishes.

Pipe designs aren't just vintage and simple, but they're also multifunctional. For example, some models are meant to hold a single toilet paper roll while others have double extending pipes to carry two rolls at a time.

Additionally, pipe toilet paper holders come in vintage color options including bronze, nickel, and black to boost the rustic feel of the piece.

Searching for a sophisticated vintage industrial toilet paper holder? Check out these single and double roll designs from overstock.

Covered Up - Brass Toilet Paper Holder with Cover

Brass Toilet Paper Holder

brass toilet paper holder

Constructed of brass ensuring durability and dependability, while maintain aesthetic appeal. Antique brass finish creates a gently distressed golden look with rich light and dark accents.

Toilet paper holders that include a built-in cover were a huge deal a few decades ago, and they're not nearly as popular in modern-day bathrooms.

You can channel your inner hipster into decorating your bathroom with an antique toilet paper holder featuring a cover as a tribute to older times.

This design is already retro on its own, but you can turn up the vintage factor by choosing a rustic brass or black finish and a cover with pattern decoration.

Besides being incredibly stylish, a cover will also protect your toilet paper from getting wet.

Need your own antique toilet paper holder with a cover? Here's a durable brass option featuring a gently distressed golden finish with light and dark accents.

Vintage Hotel - Tall Toilet Paper Holder Unit

Tall Toilet Paper Holder Unit

tall toilet paper holder unit

The product gives the bathroom a traditional touch. Additionally, its weighted base provides ease of use as it avoids tipping and falling.

Do you know those vintage hotel luggage carts? The ones with four poles and a dome or cage-like top? Well, how about a toilet paper holder unit inspired by one of these bad boys?

In such a design, the toilet paper holder is only a part of a tall unit that also features a storage space for newspapers and magazines. The holder is usually located at the top with the storage area at the bottom.

To get the full retro effect of this design, make sure you get it in a brass finish just like the color the old carts had.

Want your own vintage hotel-inspired unit? Here’s a brass toilet paper holder from Anthropologie.

No Wall Needed - Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder

Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder

pedestal toilet paper holder

To get the full retro effect of this design, make sure you get it in a brass finish just like the color the old carts had.

Picture this: you go to the bathroom and whip out your phone because you know you're going to be in there for a while (we all do it, don't even try to deny it!). Then after your business is done, you look around for a safe spot to rest your phone while you finish up, but it seems easier said than done.

One solution to this dilemma is setting up a pedestal toilet paper holder. These models are designed to hold tissue rolls on a vertical rod, with a platform at the top that makes a great place to park your phone.

Pedestal toilet paper holders are also freestanding units, so they're an excellent alternative if you don't want to commit to a specific area on the wall for a long time.

Moreover, pedestal toilet paper holders are available in various sizes and can be made of different materials such as brass and granite with a weathered finish to give you a rustic look.

Ready to get your pedestal game on? Take a look at this vintage brass toilet paper holder, and also check out this granite/aluminum design.

Minimalistic Approach - Simple Antique Toilet Paper Holder

Simple Antique Toilet Paper Holder

simple antique toilet paper holder

Beautifully ornate this reproduction tissue holder brightens up any bathroom. Made of 100% solid brass and chrome-plated this tissue holder is tarnish-resistant for many years to come.

Bigger isn't always better. Some bathrooms are best decorated using simple accessories (for example, those with limited space), and some people prefer minimalistic designs.

Either way, a basic antique toilet paper holder will serve your purpose just fine. These models consist of a small brass piece that you mount onto a wall with a hanging handle to hold the tissue roll.

The mounting piece will typically have a touch of vintage detail to complete the retro look.

In the market for a simple antique toilet paper holder? Here’s one made of 100% solid brass.

Wooden Mount - Wood Vintage Toilet Paper Holder

Wood Vintage Toilet Paper Holder

wood vintage toilet paper holder

It has a beech frame, copper inner core, connected by artificial leather belt wall-mounted toilet paper holder for houses, cabins, hotels, can be combined with vintage design and rustic style. The retro design not only makes him decorative, but the installation is simple with the included screws.

If you prefer your vintage toilet paper holder to be free of the common metal look, then you should consider wooden alternatives that are more straightforward with a natural rustic feel.

These designs usually consist of a metal inner core that's covered by wood to conceal its appearance. The mounting piece is fastened onto the wall and a wooden holder hangs from it.

Looking for a wooden vintage toilet paper holder? Here's an elegant holder with a beech frame and a copper inner core connected by an artificial leather belt.

Smart Storage - Vintage Scrollwork Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf and Hook

Vintage Scrollwork Toilet Paper Holder

vintage scrollwork toilet paper holder

This toilet paper holder has unique reversible aluminum design with a bronze finish. It keeps your mobile phone safe with this versatile bathroom shelf.

Last but definitely not least, you may need to go back to the basics of vintage style accessories. That's right, metal toilet paper holders with scrollwork could be exactly your calling when it comes to bathroom accessories.

Don't worry though, you'll find that even these traditional designs have evolved to suit our modern needs. For example, vintage metal toilet paper holders may come with a phone shelf decorated with scrollwork or an extra hook to keep your keys safe.

Want a vintage yet practical toilet paper holder? Check out this aluminum holder with a bronze finish featuring a phone shelf and hook.

Wrap Up

There you go folks, 11 vintage toilet paper holders to match the rustic decor of your bathroom.

Before you purchase any of the designs mentioned above, remember to ask yourself the following question so you can make the most out of your purchase:

  • Do I prefer a wall-mount or a freestanding model?
  • How much space can I use for the holder?
  • Do I need some extra storage room?
  • What's my budget?

Your answers to these questions will help narrow down your choices and guide you towards the perfect option.

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