9 Vintage Wedding Bands To Say ‘I Do’ To

Engagement rings get all the spotlight when it comes to wedding jewellery, but that doesn’t mean the wedding band doesn’t deserve just as much attention. The often afterthought wedding band is actually one part of the wedding that will be a part of your daily life - and we think that it’s high-time the traditional wedding band got a makeover.

Yes, there is something to be said about the simple gold or silver band that most couples wear to show their commitment - it’s understated, easy to wear and goes with other jewelry. But what if you could find a wedding band that is still practical, but also shows off your unique hipster style?

We’ve put together a list of our favorite untraditional wedding bands for both women and men that show off their unique personal flair.


Sirciam Celia Eternity Band

sirciam celia eternity band

Sirciam Rose Cut Diamond Eternity Band

sirciam rose cut eternity band

14k Gold Classic Wedding Band

14k gold classic wedding band

Sirciam Celia Eternity Band

Sirciam Celia Eternity Band

Sirciam Celia Eternity Band

Crafted by an innovative husband-and-wife team, each Sirciam ring is handmade in Los Angeles. 

The eternity band got a delicate and oh-so-romantic makeover from Sirciam - a Los Angeles based brand that specialises in a luxurious, bohemian aesthetic.

This Celia Eternity Band features a combination of opals and diamonds on a rose gold band with a hint of imperfection that captures the individuality of each relationship.

  • 0.08 ct opal, 0.07 ct diamond and 14k rose gold

Sirciam Rose Cut Diamond Band

Sirciam Rose Cut Diamond Eternity Band

sirciam rose cut diamond eternity band

This dainty diamond ring will catch the light wherever you go. For the modern romantic, this is the one.

Going the untraditional route doesn’t mean you have to give up your diamond dreams. This elegant rose gold ring from Sirciam features shimmering rose-cut diamonds that encircle the entire band.

The dainty design of the ring means it won’t look flashy or overstated next to other jewelry, but can also stand alone in elegant simplicity.

  • 0.37 ct diamonds, 14k rose gold

14k Gold Classic Wedding Band

14k Gold Classic Wedding Band

14k gold classic wedding band

This 14k gold men's ring is made by Emilie Shapiro and has the perfect unfinished texture for a little more personality.

At first glance this 14k gold mens wedding band looks just like the classic old band. But, upon closer inspection, you get a glimpse of an intricate and multi-dimensional work of art from Emilie Shapiro.

Instead of polishing the golden ring into a smooth band, she leaves the texture from her tool marks that add an extremely subtle personality to an otherwise simple ring.

  • 14k recycled yellow gold

Climb Every Mountain Ring

Climb Every Mountain Ring

climb every mountain ring

Each ring, sourced from recycled patina sterling silver, is created by using heat to form one solid, durable piece.

Who said men's rings have to be boring? Maker Jen Lesea's Rocky Mountain-inspired ring completely changes the narrative surrounding men's jewelry and brings a bold masculine edge to the wedding band.

The ring is a tribute to nature and portrays a peaceful night sky with an 18K gold moon that illuminates silver peaks below. This is a truly unique piece that is perfect for anyone who appreciated the wonder of nature.

  • Sterling silver, 18K Gold

14k Gold Teeny Heart Diamond Ring

14k Gold Teeny Heart Diamond Ring

14k gold teeny heart diamond ring

Wear this handcrafted ring as a symbol of that unique feeling love gives you.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your finger - literally. This handcrafted ring from jewelry artist Emilie Shapiro features a perfectly imperfect 14k gold heart.

The heart, which is crafted by hand, features a small, rough diamond nestled right in the center. We can’t think of a more obvious way to show off your love!

  • 14k recycled yellow gold, Rough Diamond

Black Diamond Princess Cut Band 

Mens Black Diamond Princess Cut Band Wedding Ring

mens black diamond princess cut band wedding ring

 Smaller black diamonds flank each side of the ring for a contrasting and stunning design.

If you thought that diamond rings were reserved for women only, you’ll definitely think twice upon seeing this bold black diamond mens wedding band.

The chunky white gold ring is plated with black rhodium and features channel-set princess cut black diamonds and smaller black diamonds on each side.

  • 14k white gold with black rhodium plating and black diamonds

Red Ruby Solitaire Ring set

Auriya 14k Gold Vintage Solitaire Ruby Engagement Ring

Red Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring and Vintage Wedding Band Set

The ruby engagement ring is stacked with a marquise and round vintage milgrain wedding band that shimmers with petite and shimmering white diamonds.

This Red Ruby Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Set by Auriya brings a bold vintage twist to both the engagement and wedding rings. The duo each have a regal air to them - both featuring different gems on 14k gold bands.

The ruby engagement ring features one vibrant, 1/2 carat red ruby gemstone set in a classic 4-prong setting, and the matching wedding band is stacked with 13 shimmering white diamonds. If you’re looking to get a wedding band that perfectly complements your engagement ring, this is a perfect choice.

  • 14k Gold and 1 round-cut Genuine Red Ruby Gemstone
  • 14k Gold and 13 Round-cut Natural Diamonds

14k Gold Rainbow Gemstone Ring

14k Gold Rainbow Gemstone Ring

14k gold rainbow gemstone ring

Let this multicolored-gemstone ring serve as a reminder that even when things seem rough, beauty lies ahead. 

Possibly the most ‘untraditional’ of the rings on this list, this multicolored-gemstone ring is a magical alternative to diamond ring that has all of the wow-factor but none of the cliche.

Jewelry artist Emilie Shapiro handcrafts each of these rings in New York City using an unusual method. Instead of casting a space for each gem in the ring, she carefully places the rose quartz, pink spinel, diamond, yellow sapphire, green garnet, tanzanite and aquamarine in an arc and allows the molten gold to surround the gems to create a unique hidden aesthetic.

  • Garnet, rose quartz, diamond, tanzanite, 14k recycled yellow gold, pink spinel and yellow sapphire

Auriya Vintage Carved Diamond Band

Auriya Vintage Carved Diamond Wedding Band

auriya vintage carved diamond wedding band

Seven fiery white diamonds adorn the wedding band in tight channel settings adding to the sparkle of the intricate wheat-carving combined with milgrain beading.

Simple but intricate details complete this delicate wedding band from Auriya. Crafted in your choice of either 10k White Gold or Yellow Gold, the thin band features seven white channel-set diamonds that are surrounded by intricate wheat-carving that covers the entire ring.

An understated wedding band like this is perfect for pairing with other stackable rings to create a statement piece.

  • 10k Gold and round-cut natural diamonds

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