14 Best Gifts for Quilters: For Anyone That Needs Some Extra Pins

To find the perfect gift for a quilter, you may need to get a bit crafty. That can be challenging if you aren’t a quilter yourself. 

And to make it that much trickier, quilting and the quilt-adjacent can seem to have its own language to the outsider.  

So what do you buy for your resident quilter? Here’s a list of ideas to help pin down the perfect gift for the quilter in your life. With a bit of luck, you’ll soon have pieced together the ideal solution to your present conundrum.   

Magnetic Pin Holder

As every quilter will tell you, the secret to successfully piecing a quilt top is pins, pins, and more pins. You want to hold those beautifully cut shapes in place securely enough that when you start quilting, they don’t move. 

But inevitably, that means you end up taking pins out as you quilt. It’s fussy and more than a little frustrating for the quilter with nowhere handy to store those pins until next time. 

The magnetic pin holder makes sure those pins stick where you need them to. It fits comfortably over the quilters wrist and keeps track of those pesky pins for you—no more fishing for them off the floor, the table, or your lap. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. 


Quantum Singer Sewing Machine 

If you’re looking for an extravagant gift for that special quilter in your life, look no further. This Singer sewing machine model is ideal for the quilter who enjoys embroidering quilt tops or favors using heirloom stitches. 

In fact, with over 600 stitches available, there’s more than one way to thread that needle. 

The machine pivots easily, too, which is an asset for all those crazy quilters. No judgment if you are – crazy quilting is a skill in itself, and the results are unfailingly impressive. 

The variety of stitches helps ensure no two quilts are the same, but not only that, it’s significantly faster than hand sewing. Indeed, the only drawback might be the difficulty you’ll have prising your quilter away from this machine.  


Embroidery Sewing Machine Flash Drive 

Of course, not all sewing machines have to cost the earth. This sewing machine flash drive is an excellent gift, whether as a stocking stuffer or simply to show your appreciation. Perhaps as a thank you for a cherished quilt. 

Whatever the reason, it’s quirky, charming, and an excellent way for your quilter to have information at their fingertips. We need somewhere to store those online patterns, after all. If it’s somewhere reflective of our personalities, even better. 


Original Gypsy Gripper 

There’s nothing like a slippery, sliding ruler to spoil a good cut-out. Gift your favorite quilter the original Gypsy Gripper and restore their sanity as well as their precision cutting. 

The Gypsy Gripper attaches to the ruler and helps you keep it firmly in place while tracing your designs. Rather than measure once, twice, and again for good measure, you can measure once and cut once, pieces beautifully and accurately shaped. 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Piecing a quilt has never been easier, and your quilter will thank you for it. Very possibly with more quilting. 


HoneySew Roll to Press 

Ask any quilter, and they’ll all have a different least favorite part of the process. Our aunt can’t stand binding. We happen to hate how fussy and fiddly pressing seams can be. 

Proving there’s a gift for all occasions, it’s HoneySew’s Roll to Press to the rescue. Instead of painstakingly ironing often improbably shaped seams, simply roll the roll-to-press over them until they lie flat. 

You think you’re gifting a gadget to your quilter. Really, you’re giving them hours of their life back. 

It’s comfortable to hold, saves your back, and works wonders on paper-pieced quilts. What more could a quilter ask for? 


Custom Labels 

Piecing and quilting are the parts of the quilting process that get all the attention. That’s because those are the stages even the non-quilter can’t help noticing. 

But leaving your signature on a quilt is as important as making sure the blocks line up correctly. How else can you tell who made it? 

These personalized labels are an excellent alternative to signing a quilt the old-fashioned way. All the quilter needs to do is sew one onto the back of the quilt when it’s all done, and no one will doubt the attribution ever again. 

Quilting is always a labor of love. These personalized labels make it still more personal.  What’s more, you’ve found a gift that recognizes all the time and effort that the quilter you care about puts into these projects. 


Quilter’s Clock 

It’s quilting time, and now everyone knows it. 

Does the quilter you know lose track of time? Maybe they disappear to the sewing room in the morning and don’t emerge until late afternoon? Or perhaps they’re perpetually running late while trying to finish ‘just one more thing.’ 

But now, when you gift them the Sewing Vinyl Wall Clock, they’ll have no excuse for running late. With this eye-catching and quirky clock to tell the time, who could help looking at it? 

Not only will it appeal to your quilter’s personality, but it’s sufficiently neutral as to complement their existing décor. 


Rotary Cutter 

Never underestimate the value of a rotary cutter to a quilter. Scissors have their place, but a rotary cutter cannot be overlooked if you want precision and accuracy in your piecing. 

Even better, this particular model doesn’t discriminate, with an option to install the blade to accommodate right and left-handed quilters. 

Rotary blades can dull quickly if you quilt often, and not only is this rotary cutter affordable, but so are its replacement parts. If you know a quilter who’s looking to replace their rotary cutter or wants a break from sewing scissors, it’s the perfect gift. 


Wool Ironing Pad 

As we’ve said, ironing quilts and crafting projects can be nothing short of a headache at times. And while it won’t sound like the world’s most exciting gift, there’s value to be had in this wool ironing pad. 

It keeps your project pressed flat while you iron and stops the fabric from sliding around. It’s ideal not only for quilters, but embroiderers, cross-stitchers, and any crafter who regularly wraps up a project by taking to the ironing board. 

Regrettably, it’s not big enough for large projects, so you won’t be using this ironing pad to iron an entire quilt. On the other hand, its size makes it portable, meaning nothing can stop you from taking your latest project traveling and finishing it abroad. 


Pin Dispenser 

You won’t hear a pin drop with this pin dispenser, but it will transform the life of the quilter you give it to. It works by steadily dispensing pins as you sew, simplifying the pinning part of piecing. 

It’s the perfect complement to the magnetic pin dispenser and works with a variety of pin brands. It makes pinning easier than ever and piecing faster, creating time and opportunities for even more quilting projects. 


Sewing Machine Necklace 

As much as quilters value their quilting, not all gifts have to contribute towards their next project. 

This sewing machine necklace is elegant enough to dress up any outfit while simultaneously betraying a bit of personality. 

High in quality and detail-work, now your quilter can let everyone know how much they enjoy their work. 


Quilting Sign 

Funny, playful, and irreverent. This is a fantastic gift for the quilter with a sense of humor. And trust us, you need a sense of humor to weather quilting mishaps! 

If you suspect the quilter in your life thinks you get underfoot, and even if you don’t, this sign is a light-hearted and fun addition to any sewing room. 

And if you really are getting underfoot, there’s nothing to stop your favorite quilter from hanging it on the door. Surely that will buy them a bit more quilting time? 


Zip Coin Purse 

This colorful coin purse is made of repurposed tape measures. What could be better suited for a quilter? 

It’s available in various sizes and materials, but we think the tape measures will suit your quilter best. After all, anyone who’s ever had cause to use them appreciates how tricky they are and has no doubt wished to repurpose them. Now, someone has.   


Fat Quarter Bundles 

Finally, fat quarter bundles make an excellent gift for quilters. 

Chances are your quilter is already mired in fabric stashes, but there’s a reason for that. We are incurable hoarders of fabric. With that in mind, we’re unlikely to say no to more fabric to work with. 

And the great thing about fat quarter bundles is that someone else has done the hard work measuring and color-coordinating them. That doesn’t mean there’s no work left to do, and a good thing, too, because planning is half the fun of quilting. But it does significantly reduce the workload and let quilters get on to the interesting bit faster.  


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