Hipster Gift Ideas for Every Occassion

Gift-giving is a big deal. So, if you are a hipster or you want to show an essential hipster in your life some love, you’ll need a list of the best gifts available.

Hipster Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Let’s take a look at some slam-dunk ideas for impressing and delighting the most critical people in your life.

We're going to break this down by appropriate category, so you’re covered no matter what happens. Here we go.

Hipster Gifts for Men

hipster gifts

The key to hipster gifts for men is to cover a wide range of things. Therefore, clothing is an excellent start. Things with a humorous note are always a good idea.

This shirt from TStars uses beard designations to provide a funny measurement system for your hipster’s beard from manly all the way to godly.

Beard Scale Men's T-Shirt

beard scale men's t-shirt

Premium quality, short sleeve men's t-shirt. 100% combed-cotton (preshrunk,) machine washable. This beard growth shirt for men is a great gift idea for birthday, no shave November and as a Christmas gift.

Another fun option is a tee from Funny Novelty Tees. It’s an ironic tee that skewers the way mass-produced clothing gives us nothing to feel individual about despite our best efforts. In other words, it’s a hipster’s dream statement.

Some other options could be a good flannel shirt to help complete their lumberjack look. Furthermore, to go entirely in the opposite direction, a slim fit Hawaiian shirt could be just the thing. You can also top it off with some funny socks, and you’re good to go.

However, if clothing isn’t up your alley, you could also go for a nice bag to help him carry his stuff. This Gearonic Canvas Leather Bag also has a decidedly vintage look that’s perfect for holding the stuff he might need.

Leather Bag

leather messenger bag

This Gearonic TM field bag is made with premium quality high density durable canvas fabric and PU leather, this sturdy bag features a classic yet stylish button closure flap over design, vintage brass hardware accents, adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps, and multiple pockets to keep you organized.

Furthermore, it’s durable and also has reinforced seaming. Not only that, but it’s also roomy for all the tech, books, and a change of clothes.

While you’re at it, you could also provide a conditioning soap for their glorious beard. It’s IPA scented and also offers an excellent lather for your dude’s beard. And once they’ve got their beard situation handled, give them a fun set of holiday ornaments to also make their beard sparkle.

Beard Ornaments

decotiny beard ornaments

This beads are made available in a combination of gold, silver, red, blue, green and rose. This blend of colors are sure to light up any party. Simply clip and hold for firm grip on your hair.

Hipster Gifts for Women

hipster gifts

Almost all women also love a good sense of humor. Therefore, a blend of materials from the natural world is an excellent option for hipster women in your life. So, start with this pair of hand-beaded earrings for a fun sparkle that’s not too much.

Another idea is this fun offshoot of the scream using a cat is a funny graphic tee that’s also made from comfortable cotton material. It’s washable but also easy to care for. Furthermore, it also provides a great conversation piece about art and cats.

You could also pick up some fun patron saint candles with saints for the new age of women. Whether she’s into Wonder Woman or another modern patron saint, she’s set up for a fun and productive witchy offering she’ll be delighted with.

She might also love this fun set of sushi inspired socks that come in their own sushi pack. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also extremely comfortable. And when she’s curled up for a night in with tea and a great movie, they’ll be perfect for her to wear.

Sushi Socks Box

sushi socks box

Sushi Socks Box is unlike any other product of this type in the world. The idea for the socks that look and are packed like real sushi was born a few years ago in the heads of creative people who love sushi. Each sock is folded in a specific way so that it resembles the Japanese delicacy.

And when she’s curled up for a night in with tea and a great movie, they’ll be the perfect thing.

She would also love an easy, stylish way to carry around her things. This vintage style school bag from Modoker is the perfect way for her to protect devices and books while also keeping her hands free for her favorite cup of coffee.

Hipster Children’s Gifts

hipster gifts

If your best friend, sibling, or even an office coworker has a baby, there’s no better time to unleash the hipster baby gifts. If your hipster also has their very own little bundle of joy, that’s even better.

This hilarious onesie from TStars takes the concept of fun hipster language and style and turns it on its head. In addition to the onesie, some other choices could be a set of fun pacifiers and decidedly stylish baby outfits like this one.

Toddler Hoodie

toddler hoodie outfit

Cute dinosaur hoodie with special patch pants and easy to wear. Your baby will look very attractive and cute.

Likewise, you could also get the baby or toddler his or her very own slouch beanie just like mom and dad.

Furthermore, where lighting is concerned, this nightlight is a fun hipster option. For example, it offers a moving laser-like projection of a real dinosaur to use as a nightlight. Furthermore, it also comes in many fun colors, giving users an alternative to regular, boring nightlights.

Night Light Kids Dinosaur

Night light kids dinosaur

A unique birthday gift for girls and boys that everyone will love. The best night lights for adults, kids and babies who comes alive in the dark. 3D optical illusion which is with soft 7 LED light spreads light through small acrylic panel and it is not so dazzling, 7 color changing and plug in the white crackle base.

For older hipster kids, this cat in outer space backpack is nothing like those school backpacks people used to use. It’s hilarious and offers plenty of space for kids to hold all their school gear while ensuring that no one else in school has a bag quite like this one.

Hipster House Warming and Hostess Gifts

hipster gifts

Whether you’re heading to a hipster’s home or you want to spread some of your hipster joy to another house, these gifts can really get you started.

House decor and housewarming gifts are great if they’ve got a little bit of humor. Natural materials and locally sourced artists are also a plus.

This first gift is a funny set of pictures for a bathroom or hallway. They have hilarious sayings done in a formal type that makes them highly irreverent for a housewarming gift, not to mention funny.

Bathroom Quotes And Sayings Art Prints

bathroom quotes & sayings art prints

These bathroom quotes and sayings art prints are carefully chosen to brighten, inspire, uplift, and motivate and help you get through the day feeling great. Featuring original minimalist artwork by award winning artist Mark James.

A cosmos kitchen knife set is also a fun way to spice up a kitchen while providing some entertainment. This knife set is by Chef’s Vision and also has a durable coating that won’t wear off with use. Furthermore, it also offers plenty of excellent use despite their funky appearance.

However, these are meant to be used not just for decor, but for heavy-duty use as well. As a result, this is a really great option for any hipster kitchen. In addition, they also come with pictures to show you what each galaxy is.

For a simple housewarming gift, here’s a set of planet magnets. They’re also highly affordable, and they’re a fun option for decorating.

Furthermore, they’re also glass capped and are the perfect size for hanging up polaroids or concert reminders. In addition, they’re also really great for a quick gift.

Hipster Entertainment Gifts

hipster gifts

There’s nothing hipsters love more than good entertainment and good art. Therefore, gifts that are entertaining could be a great way to keep your hipster entertained.

Furthermore, another simple gift could be a set of Moleskin notebooks for recording every thought and idea. They come in a three-pack and also tuck neatly into your pocket or bag. It’s a classic, lined design and also has plenty of space.

Moleskine Cahier Journal

moleskine cahier journal

This 3.5 x 5.5 ruled journal has a flexible heavy-duty customizable cardboard cover, a pocket for loose notes & visible stitching on the spine.

There's also nothing hipsters love more than a good throwback item.

Another great item would be a print from a major concert or some other event. This option from the Pixies is a reproduction of a classic concert poster.

It will look great wherever you can hang it and it also shows off your love for the Pixies. So, it’s always a slam dunk.

Movies don’t get much better than B-movie Sci-fi. With this collection, your favorite hipster can live their dreams of being on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The movies are both hilarious and wonderful to watch. Furthermore, they could also be the catalyst for many fun themed parties or movie nights.

For another amazing gift, a Crosley record player also offers a vintage look with a great sound. It uses a simple, contained design that helps protect the turntable while also keeping dust off.

Crosley Portable Turntable

crosley portable turntable

Vinyl-wrapped turntable with color based on a 2018 pantone favorite. Built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream your music wirelessly to the cruiser's dynamic full-range speakers.

Furthermore, the Crosley also comes in a few different colors and plays three speeds. Furthermore, the adjustable pitch control helps gets the sound exactly the way you want and offers a dynamic range.

Food Gifts for Hipsters

hipster gifts

Finally, our last gift can help your hipster cook like someone straight out of Portlandia. This Portlandia Cookbook provides tons of recipes that complement the hit show. It also allows you to brag about not only seeing all the episodes but cooking all the dishes as well.

Likewise, these beeswax food wraps allow your hipster to preserve food as well as aid the environment. For example, they keep food fresh without resorting to throwaway plastic wraps. Beeswax is much safer for the environment and can also be reused over and over. In addition to this, it really is a wonderful gift and allows you to be more environmentally friendly.

Finally, these guac o’clock socks will also allow your hipster chef to honor (ironically, of course) the love hipsters have for their beloved avocados. These food/cozy sock hybrid will make the perfect fit for any avid hipster sock-lover.

Avocado Hipster Socks

avocado hipster socks

High quality carded cotton - these socks are as comfortable as they are stylish. These socks are ripe and ready to wear.

Get the Perfect Gift No Matter the Occasion

Getting the perfect gift for your hipster is easier than ever with our list. And if you’re also a hipster, you’re welcome for this comprehensive list.

You’ll never be without a hipster gift again, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s the hipster woman in your life or you’ve got an invitation to the housewarming party, it’s covered.

Gifts are a wonderful way to show love, but it can be hard to know what hipsters like. However, we’re sure your hipster will love what you’ve gotten, and there won’t be any “ironic” thank you’s for this gift-giving season or any other.

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