19 Vintage Rattan Furniture Pieces to Put the Hip in Hipster

Rattan brings a warm, natural richness perfect for your minimal hipster aesthetic. It evokes the free-spirited lushness of mother nature and transforms contemporary decor in a timeless, understated manner.

If you’re interested in seeing these vibes reflected in your house, we’ve brought you 19 vintage rattan furniture pieces to put the hip in hipster. Take a look.


Hammock Chair Macrame Swing


Kouboo Pecock Grand Chair


Bookcase Eco Rattan Wicker


Relax Like a Pro Hipster in This Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

hammock chair macrame swing

Handmade bohemian chic hammock style swing brings style and unique touch to any home. Ideal for all ages and ideal bedrooms, gardens, courtyards, portraits, or beaches that can be used for any external or internal space.

hammock chair is a fantastic way to unwind after a long, hard day. Let it cocoon you indoors if you’ve had enough of the outside world, or swing your exhaustion away on your patio or backyard while showing off your inner hipster.

This affordable hanging chair is easy to install and comes in five earthy colors. The beautiful macrame detail adds to the hipster vibe of the distinctive rattan pattern.

It’s 100% cotton and can hold up to 300 lbs without cutting into your body. Check out this super-comfy swing chair, and count yourself lucky every time you manage to beat the rest of the household to it!

Channel Your Inner Regal Hipster With a Peacock Chair

Kouboo Pecock Grand Chair

kouboo pecock grand chair

Intricately woven detail graces this rattan grand peacock chair in a natural color. Pair this flared back boho style woven chair with any home décor and turn a forgotten corner into a showcase.

If this fan-backed beauty looks familiar, you’re right! Everyone in the 60s and 70s had a rattan peacock chair, a retro icon that’s effortlessly both Bohemian and a symbol of a great movement.

This gorgeous chair is definitely pricey, but fine craftsmanship makes it well worth the money. Put this beautiful specimen in a corner and watch the graceful woven details transform your space in the blink of an eye.

Get a Small Bookcase That’s Big on Storage

Bookcase Eco Rattan Wicker

bookcase eco rattan wicker

This is a great looking eco-friendly Rattan Bookcase that you will enjoy for years. It combines a sustainable rattan frame with exclusive rattan weaving. It can be used in a dining or living room.

This small rattan bookcase looks pretty and also doubles as storage with its two drawers. It’s handmade and eco-friendly so you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

Another bonus is that you won’t need to assemble a thing. Get this bookcase for your living or dining room, or use it as a nightstand in your bedroom.

Rest Your Head Against a Rattan Headboard

Marco Island Queen Headboard

marco island queen headboard

Renovate your bedroom with the Marco Island Queen headboard by Home Styles is island inspired displaying a rich blend of materials including natural rattan woven wicker, mahogany solids and veneers in a refined Cinnamon finish. Measures 65. 25 inches wide x 3. 5 inches deep x 53 inches high.

This headboard has rattan panels woven in and comes with carved pineapple details for a powerful boho taste vibe. It also has interior padding so you can rest your head against it comfortably.

Here’s a gorgeous rattan headboard that comes in a pretty cinnamon finish.

Divide Your Space Boho Style

Tall Rattan Room Divider

tall rattan room divider

Keep your home on trend and in style with this ornate and magnificent room divider. With panels and an intricate woven pattern, this divider acts as a full-length piece of art. Use this folding wall to separate sections of different rooms or as a modest dressing screen.

This 6ft room divider also doubles as a privacy screen. The handmade rattan and diamond weave make this divider effortlessly elegant, while the panel shelves can be a decorative display or a functional surface.

Easy to assemble and lift even if you have limited upper body strength, this divider can block the sun and double as a nightstand. Take a look at it here.

Hide Your Laundry in This Classy Hamper

Kouboo Round Rattan Hamper

kouboo round rattan hamper

This round rattan hamper will keep laundry out of sight in a naturally beautiful container. Hand woven from rattan in Hapao style, this honey-brown hamper features a removable, machine-washable, cotton liner to protect your clothes and built-in handles for easy movement and carry.

Carry the retro look through to your laundry room with this hand-woven rattan hamper. The honey-brown color goes with most decor styles, and the round shape means it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The removable cotton liner protects your clothes from snagging on the weave and is machine-washable. Buy your pretty hamper here and get ready to fight the temptation to show it off outside the laundry room!

Sway with Style in This Rattan Rocking Chair

Sundale Outdoor Rocking Chair

sundale outdoor rocking chair

This wicker chair has a comfortable streamlined seat, a ergonomic backrest and wide armrest providing the comfort desired by rocking chairs. The thick back & seat cushions and an accent pillow make you more comfortable to sit on and enjoy the books and garden views inside and outside.

This sturdy chair is made of hand-woven rattan around a steel frame so that it can take up to 250 lbs easily. The weather-resistant material makes it suitable for outdoor enjoyment in addition to indoor use.

Can’t wait to rock your troubles away? Here’s a super-comfortable chair that comes with plump cushions and a great little lumbar pillow.

Put Your Treasures Inside This Coffee Table

Kouboo La Jolla Round Rattan Storage Table

kouboo la jolla round rattan storage table

This naturally varied honey-brown rattan table adds sophistication as well as a tropical feel to your home décor. Slip the top off and voilà, you have extra storage inside this functional rattan furniture piece.

Pretend you’re hiding a pirate’s loot as you reach through the 25” opening of this delightfully quirky coffee table. It’s made from natural rattan and has room for a lot more than you’d expect.

The table is quite sturdy, and the rattan weave is nothing short of exquisite, which makes the steep price tag absolutely worth it. Get your coffee table here.

Let a Rattan Lampshade Keep the Vintage Mood


vintage rattan lampshade

Comes with 20ft plug-in cord and necessary hanging accessories, long enough to hang in any situation you desire. Good design for indoor party or moving.

You can enjoy the timeless retro style of this lampshade with no hard-wiring; simply plug it in. It comes with a pre-wired dimmable switch cord that lets you adjust the height for the perfect lighting.

In the mood for some mood lighting? Take a look at this rattan lampshade but keep in mind: It only works with dimmable bulbs.

Serve Retro Refreshments With This Rattan Cart

Bonnlo Wicker Bar Serving Cart

bonnlo wicker bar serving cart

Bonnlo wicker bar serving cart makes entertaining indoor or outdoor easier and more effective. The handmade woven cart preps and stores all the essentials for cocktail hour or afternoon brunch.

This rattan bar cart has a sturdy steel frame under weather-resistant rattan and arrives with all four wheels installed. Use it to serve your guests snacks and drinks, or roll it out onto your balcony for a quiet breakfast, and some quality hipster me time.

It’s also versatile enough to double as a kitchen island, or a dishware station if you need more space on the dinner table. Take a look at this beautifully crafted bar cart.

Get an Ottoman That Pairs Retro and Tropical

Ottoman Footstool Pouf Stool With Basket And Cushion

ottoman footstool pouf stool with basket and cushion

This comfortable Ottoman containing a basket will enliven your room with its nice design and rich color. It is more than a place you can keep your stuff. It is also a perfect element to complete your décor.

Place an ottoman footstool at the foot of your bed for extra retro flair, or take its elegant lines to your living room for extra seating. Wherever you put it, the eco-friendly rattan storage box will come in handy.

If you like the idea of a tropical rattan touch that comes fully assembled with an affixed cushion, take a look at this handmade rattan ottoman.

This Lounge Chair Is Pretty and Comfy

Malibu Lounge Armchair

malibu lounge armchair

This Malibu Lounge Armchair furniture is made from natural rattan, class A – Eco-friendly material, which comes to from Indonesia. It has a comfortable seat and a pleasant traditional style which make this chair one of the best selling products.

Add a strong 70s statement to your space with this rattan lounge chair. It’s exceedingly well-made and comes with sturdy but comfortable cushions.

The quality of this chair will ensure it lasts a long time. If you’re interested in building a retro living space, this lounge chair is a great first step.

Here are other items you can add to your lounge chair down the line:

  • Rattan dining chair
  • Rattan dining table
  • Rattan living-room set

Smile at Your Reflection in a Rattan Mirror

Bathroom Wall Hanging Mirror

bathroom wall hanging mirror

Silver mirror, clear and natural imaging, not easy to oxidize, not easy to rust, rattan design, tasteless, strong, not easy to damage.

This wall mirror is made of rattan and although it’s small, it’s very versatile. Use it in the bathroom as a makeup mirror, in the living room, or in the hallway for a touch of decor.

The mirror’s style will add a refreshing tropical touch to any space. Take a look at this pretty mirror here.

Curl Up in This Retro Loveseat

Malibu Loveseat Natural Rattan Wicker

malibu loveseat natural rattan wicker

It features a rich color tone, luxurious design, which really gives the house an authentic look. Attractive, modern and durable loveseat is a perfect choice for your home. You will certainly love its details, sophisticated touch and an amazing style!

This natural-rattan loveseat has four removable cushions. It’s 48’’ wide and comes with super-easy assembly instructions and a Youtube video.

In addition to the retro flair this loveseat adds to your space, it’s remarkably comfy and a great place to curl up with a book, a furry friend, or a special someone. Take a look at this loveseat here.

Get a Rattan Stand for a Timeless Bathroom

Hand Woven Rattan Toilet Roll Stand

hand woven rattan toilet roll stand

This hand woven toilet paper roll holder in honey-brown rattan holds 3 rolls of any brand without taking any storage space in your vanity.

This sturdy toilet-roll holder is hand-woven from rattan topped with a clear lacquer coat. It can hold three toilet rolls, or four if you don’t mind the fourth pushing up out of the holder.

This stand only needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. Take a look at this toilet-roll holder here and add a rattan tissue-box cover to complete the look.

Add Rustic to Retro With This Rattan End Table

Pelangi Oval Coffee Table

pelangi oval coffee table

This Pelangi oval table looks like the perfect item you can use for years! It is just what you imagined: simply elegant. A unique table can really bring personality into a room. This glass top will give your living room the element of character it needs.

This oval rattan table blends the retro touch with its oval elegance and comes already assembled for your convenience. The glass top will help open up your space with its sparkle and is super-easy to clean.

Sounds good? Check out this compact yet attractive rattan end table that also comes with a lower shelf for extra storage.

Make Your Snapshots Stand Out in This Frame

Wood Picture Frame

wood picture frame

Add interest and texture to your home furnishings with this vintage style rattan and wood photo frame. Whether it is framing memories of sunny vacations at the beach or that beautiful watercolor you treasure, this high quality 4 x 6 picture frame will show them to advantage.

Add warmth and a touch of earthy magic to your memories and living space with this rattan picture frame. Use it as a freestanding frame on your workspace or hang it on your wall for a dash of natural beauty.

This 4×6” frame goes with almost every decor style and all colors. It makes a great gift for fellow hipsters and non-hipsters alike. Get one sturdy, well-made frame, or buy a pair for double the coastal vibe.

Hang up Your Plants 70s Style With This Basket

Hanging Rattan Basket

hanging rattan basket

This unique design features a rattan frame with rattan weaving for a textured look.  This natural look can match any bright or neutral color scheme.

Both plants and rattan are big parts of the hipster vibe, and this hanging rattan basket adds a rustic touch that complements the refreshing splash of greenery. Hang it on the wall or sit it upright on the surface of your choice.

Dig the unique textured look? Snap up a basket of your own and let your plant brighten up your space.

Get This Rattan Box for Some Serious Storage

Tangkula Outdoor Wicker Storage Box

tangkula outdoor wicker storage box

This garden bench box maximizes storage space and increases patio seating capacity while providing an attractive focal point to your garden or patio. It is made of sturdy steel, PE wicker and weather-proof for durable use.

With its weather-resistant rattan, this sturdy box can stand up to the elements as a poolside storage box, or provide a beautiful retro focal point indoors. The inside shelf stops items tumbling out the moment you open the box and carries up to 110 lbs.

Even better, you can keep the front doors closed with the magnetic snap and open the top cover, or use the top as a table and access your supplies through the double doors. Get your box here.


Blending the past and the present, the hipster aesthetic has always been about combining style and practicality with a free spirit. Add rattan’s graceful curves and watch as they soften the clean, simple lines of retro furniture.

Some have been calling it a trend for decades. Yet, with its understated beauty, timeless touch, and eternal connection to nature, rattan has proved that it’s anything but a trend.

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