The Top 10 Hipster Eyewear Styles

Eyewear styles come and go, but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that hipster glasses are having a moment. These styles were once reserved for only the most jaded hipsters, but today people from all walks of life are turning to these glasses to inject some fun and style into their everyday look.

This season’s hottest hipster glasses are bold and stylish and available in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes.


William Painter Sunglasses

william painter sunglasses

Agstum Retro Round Glasses

agstum retro round glasses

Thick Cat Eye Glasses

zeelool thick cat eye glasses

The Coolest Hipster Glasses Around

Hipsters love a bold look; so, whether it’s a chunky square frame, thin oversized metal frame, or a simple pair of black Wayfarers, there’s something for everyone on the list below.

Updated Lightweight Metal Frames

William Painter Sunglasses

william painter the hook titanium polarized sunglasses

The hook features durable titanium arms with built-in bottle openers - the ultimate combination of style and functionality.

Today’s lightweight metal frames are available in more styles than ever. From classic aviators with rectangular, round, or square lenses to vintage round frames reminiscent of Steve Jobs, a lightweight metal frame is always a good look.

Styles like this double bridge aviator are one of the most sought after hipster glasses right now, and they achieve a bold against-the-grain style that’s sure to turn heads. You can also find lightweight metal frames that mimic the look of other trendy styles, like these titanium wayfarers.

Round Plastic Frames

Agstum Retro Round Glasses

agstum retro round glasses

This frame comes with clear lenses, that will not hurt your eyes. You can wear them for costume or fashion purposes.

Popular with creatives from all walks of like for decades, round plastic frames are a great way to sprinkle some hipster style into your wardrobe.

This style looks great on a variety of face shapes; you just need to select an appropriately sized frame. Round plastic frames are available in tons of different styles, colors, and even patterns.

Chunky Square Glasses

Thick Cat Eye Glasses

zeelool thick cat eye glasses

It is a great eyeglass which fit your face very well. These colored frames make you very unique. They are perfect as a fashion statement and if you want to change your look from time to time. It comes with demo clear lenses, which avoid the frame is out of shape in transit.

The chunky square frames of the ‘70s and ‘80s are en vogue once again, and it’s easy to see why. These glasses are flattering on virtually everyone, and they’re dramatic without striking too serious of a look.

Some pairs feature a sharp square shape, while others are more rounded. The chunky square look is chic and hip in black, and they also look fantastic in clear and translucent colors and patterns. If you love this look, check out these refined tortoiseshell glasses from Tom Ford. Or, for an even more dramatic look, this two-tone pair from Amazon is sure to turn heads.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Metal Eyeglasses

cat eye metal eyeglasses

This eyeglasses is made from Italy and is non-polarized, metal frames.

The classic cat-eye has been a celebrated hipster classic ‘60s, and it’s a fun way to add a dramatic flair to your eyewear look.

These frames are available in metal, but they’re most popular in plastic. One of the best parts about the cat-eye style is that it can be subtle and refined, or bold and in your face. So, whether you’re looking for a pair for the office, or you’re searching for something fun for the weekends, you’ll find plenty of frames to suit your mood.

Looking for a fun frame? Check out these oversized vintage cat eye glasses from Emblem Eyewear. Or, if you need something a bit more refined and elegant, check out this gorgeous pair from Tiffany and Co.

Clear Plastic Frames

Zenottic Round Optical Glasses

zenottic round optical glasses

This vintage round eyeglasses is made of plastic full-rim combined with metal half-rim. Frame comes in transparent acetate front, integrated nose guards.

If there’s one style that’s having a moment in 2019, it’s the transparent frame. While they’re just hitting the mainstream, clear frames in classic styles like the Wayfarer, have long been en vogue with hipsters.

Worn just like you would any other pair of plastic frames, clear glasses are versatile enough to take you from the office to happy hour and anywhere in between. While they may not be appropriate for the most formal of situations, more and more people are turning to clear frames for everything else.

Thinking of achieving clarity in your style? Check out these classic clear round glasses from ZENOTTIC.

Dusty Pink Frames

Tom Ford Eyeglasses

tom ford ft5489 eyeglasses

This eyeglasses is made from Italy. It has plastic frame, non-polarized, and non-wearable plastic lens.

When Pantone named this shade of dusty pink as the color of the year for 2019, we knew we’d be seeing this shade everywhere, including eyewear this year. While they may be trendy, the color is elegant, and it softens your face. Dusty pink frames have made their way to every style, from bold cat-eye glasses to vintage Wayfarers.

The subdued hue matches with virtually everything, so it’s a must for anyone who is looking to wear one pair of glasses for everything they do. We’re also seeing this style in stylish fades, and translucent finishes, which add even more drama and interest to this must-have style.

If you’re looking for a pop of this trendy color in your wardrobe, check out these plastic Chloe frames or these transparent keyhole eyeglasses from Tom Ford.

Half Rimmed Eyeglasses

Allt Square Aviator Large Fashion Sunglasses

allt square aviator large fashion sunglasses

Modern goggle alloy frame square shape sunglasses show a minimalist iconic style and geometric silhouette. UV protected durable acrylic lenses can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as being right on-trend.

Hipsters have always had a keen eye for design, so it’s no wonder they’ve always gravitated towards a half-rimmed style. These eyeglasses combine a variety of materials, and their angular look helps to frame the face.

Most half-rimmed frames utilize a classic Wayfarer shape, and they’re available in a variety of colors and patterns. This vintage black pair is reminiscent of Clark Kent, while these bold plastic aviators are even more dramatic and hip.

Faux half-rimless eyeglasses are also a great look, and they feature see-through plastic bottoms with a colored top, although you’ll also find pairs with a colored or tortoiseshell base, like these elegant Tom Ford eyeglasses.

Tom Ford TF5372 Sunglasses

tom ford tf5372 sunglasses

This eyeglasses has plastic frame, non-polarized, and has composite lens.

Classic Wayfarers

Wooden Frame Eyeglasses

shinu classic wooden frame eyeglasses

This eyeglasses has anti-reflective lens, wood frame, non-polarized, and wearable for both men and women.

Since they were created in 1956, the classic Wayfarer has been the go-to style for everyone from the beatniks of the ‘60s to your great uncle Tony. With a classic and timeless shape, they can transform even the most uninspired folks into the portrait of cool.

The original Wayfarer design that was patented in the ‘50s is quite different than the one we’re familiar with today. Style icons like Bob Dylan helped to popularize this original Wayfarer shape, which was refined in the ‘70s into the silhouette we recognize as the Wayfarer today.

The magic of the Wayfarer lies in its versatility. Hipsters love this style for its iconic, time-honored shape, but it’s just as popular with everyone else, from businesspeople to fishermen.

If you’re looking to channel your inner Blues Brother, check out timeless black Ray-Bans. Or, if you’re looking for an updated take on this classic, you may like these two-toned wooden Wayfarers from SHINU.

Updated Horn Rims

Clear Lens Glasses

skeleteen clear lens costume glasses

Skeleteen Horned Rim Fake Costume Glasses are a cool pair, perfect for fashion or pretend play. They feature adjustable nose pads, 5.5" width, 5.5" thick black plastic handles with silver accents.

Horn rim glasses have been a hipster staple since the ‘50s, and today’s bold updates to this classic pattern are a great look for anyone who is looking to make a statement when they walk into the room.

While horn rim and tortoiseshell glasses originally got their name because they were once constructed of those animal materials. Today, for cost reasons as well as ethical ones, eyeglass manufacturers use a thick plastic imitation.

These glasses are made by pouring various colored plastics or acrylics together and allowing them to dry. The result is a unique pattern that varies from pair to pair. In the past, these glasses were only available in varied shades of brown, red, and yellow.

Fortunately, today’s fashionable takes on this classic style are available in tons of different color combinations. You’ll also find tons of vintage style frames that use a more traditional color palette.

Horn rim glasses provide the wearer with effortless and academic cool. If you’re looking to capture this style, take a look at these frames from Skeleteen Clear Lens Clubmaster Glasses.

Gold Metal

Ray Ban Eyeglass

ray-ban metal aviator eyeglass

Ray-Ban aviator classic were originally designed for U.S. Aviators in 1937. Aviator classic Rx6489 is a timeless model that combines great aviator styling with exceptional quality, performance and comfort.

Understated metal eyewear has long been a favorite for office and formal wear, and it projects an air of elegance and sophistication. In shades of gold, a level of gaudiness comes into play, which scores tongue-in-cheek points with the hipster set.

Gold metal looks excellent with round glasses, aviators, and when gold metal is applied to other hipster-approved styles like the Wayfarer, it’s a great way to make a statement with your look.

Channel the eternal Hunter S Thompson in some gold aviators, or strike a decidedly more business-friendly tone in this understated round metal pair. Either way, gold metal glasses are a great way to elevate your style to the next level.

Nude Frames

Soul Mate Eyeglasses

edison & king soul mate eyeglasses

Soul Mate is a perfectly shaped acetate frame that sits comfortably on the nose – available in 4 wonderful nude colors. Finished with high-tech blue light filter, super anti-reflective coat, clean coat and hard coat.

Nude frames in shades of beige, tan, and brown are also a great way to establish a bold hipster look. These frames are designed to mirror the acrylic styles of the 50s and 60s, and since hipsters can’t wait to get their hands on some cool nostalgia, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular.

These colors tend to look best with bold plastic frames, like the square retro style glasses we mentioned earlier. To find your perfect pair, look for colors that complement your skin tone while also providing tons of contrast. If you have darker skin, select a lighter frame, and vice versa.

The Soulmate glasses from Edison & King are a great looking option, and they’re available in several colors, so it’s easy to pick a pair that will look great on your face.

Final Word

Whether you’re a card-carrying hipster in your own right, or you’re just looking for a new glasses style, you can’t go wrong with the picks above. From lightweight metal frames in shades of gold or silver to thick plastic frames in dramatic oversized shapes, these hipster glasses are perfect for any occasion.

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