Nine Dapper Dog Breeds for the Hipster

hipster dog breeds

Hipsters and cute dogs go together hand in paw. Wherever you find hipsters hanging out, certain breeds of dogs are also sure to be there, too. Truthfully, these “hipster dogs” are one of our favorite parts of the culture.Nine of the Most Popular Dogs for HipstersWhether you’re interested in adopting a total hipster lifestyle, or …

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The 8 Best Clothing Brands for Hipsters

hipster clothing brands

Whether you’re a hipster in your own right, or you’re just trying to inject some of that effortless hipster cool into your looks, it helps to know about the top brands that no hipster can seem to put down. From Ray-Ban to Levis and everything in between, we’re going to cover the most iconic brands …

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The Top 8 Hipster Stores

hipster stores

Hipsters are known for their counter-culture attitude, even if that subculture is now a bit mainstream. With the rise of hipsters came the increased popularity of several stores. Some of these retailers are known for their kitschy and ironic items, while others saw an influx of hipsters because of the revival of thrifting culture. Hipsters …

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The Best Hipster Beers

hipster beers

Hipsters are synonymous with a lot of things: dust bowl chic clothing, beards, thick-rimmed glasses, listening to indie music, and, of course, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (PBR). Hipsters essentially saved the beer company PBR in the new millennium when they took a tanking beer company and brought it back to life. As recently as the …

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Four Funky Hipster Sunglasses Styles

hipster sunglasses

Hipsters might be famous for their love of avocados and shopping locally, but when the term “hipster” first became a more commonly-known phrase in the 2000s, the demographic tended to be synonymous with a particular style. Of course, with any sense of fashion, accessories top off an outfit, and sunglasses are a must for both men …

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The Seven Best Sweaters for Hipsters

hipster sweaters

Sweaters are an incredibly iconic aspect of hipster fashion. While hipster looks can suit any season, when we think of a hipster, many tend to think of the iconic hipster sweater (and usually that beanie, too). While everyone has a good, warm sweater somewhere in their closet, you might be surprised by how many different styles …

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The Top 8 Hipster Dresses

hipster dresses

Hipster culture is all about defining new trends while still staying away from the mainstream. While some hipsters get a bit of a bad rap for trying too hard, hipster style and culture still have some excellent redeeming qualities. After all, you can’t deny that a well-dressed hipster is almost always a fashion icon – fashion is …

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Cool Hipster Scarfs for the Cold Season

hipster scarf

Hipster fashion is largely based around one core idea: updating older fashions from other eras with a modern, often ironic twist. From glasses with thick, black rims to vintage T-shirts and more, hipsters often specialize in turning uncool into cool. For example, scarves are a great illustration of this. While people have worn scarves for centuries, …

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Hipster Gift Ideas for Every Occassion

hipster gifts

Gift-giving is a big deal. So, if you are a hipster or you want to show an essential hipster in your life some love, you’ll need a list of the best gifts available.Hipster Gifts for Everyone in Your LifeLet’s take a look at some slam-dunk ideas for impressing and delighting the most critical people in …

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The Top Four Hipster Costumes

In the early to mid-2000s, hipster style helped define the look of a generation of young men and women. Although the hipster trend has fallen from popularity in recent years, we all likely remember the basics of hipster style. If you’re looking for a fun, unique costume, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with hipsters. You can …

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